Geneva, Switzerland

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October 28, 2013

[Pascal Herte]

Review by Pascal Herte

Goosebumps in Geneva

We came, we saw.
A friend of mine and I went and saw Dylan at the Geneva Arena. He saw
Dylan once at the same venue in 2011, I saw Dylan about 15 times in
different places. Saw Dylan 3 times in Geneva as well in the last 4 or 5
years. Usually the sound is very bad at the Arena. I must say I was
surprised how good the sound was this time, although we were sitting down
in the middle and on the very right of the venue. Let me say this: seeing
(and also enjoying) some Dylan shows, I often wondered how he could sing
(yes S-I-N-G) so good on the albums, whereas he often "shouts" and mumbles
his lyrics at live shows. Last night nin Geneva, he really sang his heart
off. I know the word perfect doesn't combine with Dylan, but this show was
almost it. At some past shows I saw, you could say "Yes, but he did put a
lotta heart and soul in these one or two songs", while other songs were
"interesting", especially when he changed setlists. This time, there were
just no weak moments, and my friend and I had goosebumps almost throughout
all the show, because it was so perfect. I wrote a small review on the
same site about the last Dylan show in 2011. You can read how I think he
"butchered" some songs. He "butchered" none tonight. I took some other
friends at past Dylan shows at the Geneva Arena. I wished they were all
there at this show in 2013. My friend and I were mind blown. And if Bob
was reading this, I would say a big THANK YOU for leaving out "Summer
days" and "Thunder on the mountain" off the setlist and replacing them
with... "High water" and "Love sick", excusez du peu!


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