Macon, Georgia

Macon City Auditorium

October 27, 2018

[Jeff Bridges], [Ric Harwood], [Michael Aderhold]

Review by Jeff Bridges

Bob made his second ever stop in Macon last night. At 8:00 sharp the
band appeared on stage. The band in white jackets, Bob in grey. Tony and
George wearing hats, the others hatless. Bob has positioned his piano
facing the crowd more and closer to the front. All the band members behind
him at a respectful distance. This show was all Bob. He was energetic and
in command. The sound was excellent and the familiar set list was
delivered spot on. As previous posts have described his keyboard playing
was up in the mix and when he pulls out his harmonica the magic is still
there. At one point in the show the band brought it completely down...
they all stopped playing. Just Bob's vocals and piano. Quite a treat. I
really enjoyed this show.. sans Stu. Not as cluttered... like I said more
Bob. Which is the reason we go anyway. My first show was in 1974 and he
has never failed to impress whenever I've seen him since. The best show
I've seen? Always the last one... this one especially. 


Review by Ric Harwood

Bob Dylanís show in Macon was quite amazing.  It definitely exceeded my
already high expectations and itís always cool when that happens.  Macon
City Auditorium is a small beautiful venue and all seats are good ones.
Some people have said in their reviews that itís not a rock and roll
show, but it really was.  Itís just that there was such a dynamic range
to his songs.  Like a Rolling Stone went from rocking at the beginning of
each verse to slowing down to the instruments playing at a whisper at the
end with Dylan drawing out each syllable and exaggerating his phrasing. 
It was very effective.  Reminded me a bit of Van Morrisonís treatment of
songs. Dylan was playing the piano well and would conclude even his slower
ballads by standing up and pounding the keys to an emotional crescendo. 
Donít Think Twice was very slow, intense and emotionally charged.  So
many other great songs Ė When I Paint My Masterpiece and Simple Twist of
Fate (which was truer to the original than his other songs) were also
standouts. Ballad of a Thin Man emphasized the verses and downplayed the
ďDo you Mr. Jones?Ē line.  Dylanís performances were powerful, with
many lyric changes throughout, and his band was tighter than ever.  I
thoroughly enjoyed the show Ė definitely up there with my favorites. 
Donít you dare miss it!

Ric Harwood


Review by Michael Aderhold

Early in the show, new arrangements (for me at least) of It Ain't Me, Babe,
Simple Twist of Fate, and When I Paint My Masterpiece were just wonderful.

Scarlet Town was stark, spare, Bob center stage booming inside my head. 
The song has never sounded better, definitely a highlight.

Blown away with the new arrangement for Like a Rolling Stone, the tempo 
slowing at the end of each verse, Tony bowing the double bass, and then 
George's snare shot into "How does it feel!"

Two songs I wasn't happy to see return to the setlist this year turned out 
to be tremendous: Thunder on the Mountain - Charlie stretching it out -- 
and a bouncing boogie Gotta Serve Somebody with what seemed to be 
95% new lyrics (and in one of the two songs -- can't remember which -- 
George was given a 10 second drum solo. No, really!

Love Sick, Blowin' in the Wind, and Ballad of a Thin Man were strong 
(as always) at the end.

But the highlight of the evening was a stunning and dramatic Don't Think 
Twice, It's All Right, such palpable sorrow that if you pushed me, I just might 
admit that I became misty-eyed for a second or two.
No real lowlights, but I must say that the new Tryin' to get to Heaven really 
doesn't work, and I also think it's time to park Pay in Blood and Early Roman 

The band was tighter than ever, and now that the band is a five-piece, each 
instrument seems to have more space around it, clear and distinct.

And Bob!!! In addition to dropping several harp solos, Dylan's voice was 
nuanced and strong all night even though this was his 4th show in 5 nights!

I've seen Bob 15 times total, roughly once every 2 years since 1988, and 
I've never left a show with a bigger smile. Easily my favorite since 2005.


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