Cedar Falls, Iowa

University of Northern Iowa
McLeod Center

October 24, 2010

[John Condon], [Ken Gratton], [Bob Hughes]

Review by John Condon

Bob and the band played an excellent show for all assembled at the
University of Northern Iowa's McLeod Center. This is a smallish basketball
arena, and it was perfect for my 18th Bob show. Any ticket in the hall would
have been great, but our group got really lucky and scored tickets directly
in front of the drums and fifty feet back. The sound was very clear, and at
times too loud, but that's what the good lord made earplugs for. Bob was on.
We heard great performances of Tryin' To Get To Heaven, High Water, Tangled
Up In Blue, and especially Ballad of a Thin Man. Because this site is mostly
visited by diehard fans, I really have to mention the new theatrical
backdrops. While the band played as usual, profiles of Bob were cast on the
backdrop, sometimes images in real time, and these simple theatrics were
surpisingly moving. The backdrops also included what looked like a diner or
school bus during Ballad of a Thin Man, and what looked like a backdrop of
either the Eiffel Tower or a bridge during High Water. Another song featured
a view of the band from above, cast on the back screen, original and cool.
The backdrops and lighting were particularly effective when Bob took the mic
at center stage. Three cheers for the theatrics!
See this tour!

John Condon
Decorah, Iowa 


Review by Ken Gratton

My 5th Dylan show since 1996.  Its true his voice is not as strong as  it 
once was, but the delivery was fantastic, much more about telling the story  
of the song.  Hwy 61 rocked your face off as it always does.  I  thought the 
highpoint of the evening was Workingman Blues.  It was soft and  beautiful, 
better than the album version.  Blind Willie was great  too,  Bob was 
standing front and center and he looked like a singer from  the 30's.  Very
 Another great experience for me.  Of  course if you were looking for the 
70's or 80's Bob you would have been  disappointed and some folks did leave 
early.  To bad for them, they just  don't get it.  Oh yes, don't forget the 
band.  Intently watching Bob  for cues, Tony and George laughing often, I'm 
guessing that's Bob doing some  improv and all.  All in all, Bob Dylan is a 
true artist and poet.   Love you Bob. 
Ken Gratton 
Dubuque,  Iowa


Review by Bob Hughes

The third show I've seen this year and my 40 something overall. It was my
birthday Sunday so I was glad he could make it
Naturally the UNI sports arena was full of faculty and when Bob
sang Tangled up in Blue he changed the lyrics (if I heard right) to...

Some are mathematicians
Some are professor's wives
Don't know how it got started
Don't know what they do with their lives

...the crowd exploded. It was an awesome night.
Highlights were Blind Willie McTell, Workingmans Blues and Ballad of Thin man,
all of which he got into as though it was his first time. Unnerving to see the
new Bobby in front of mic with just harp, extravagant hand gestures and
obviously having a blast.
Downside, is that Charlie Sexton has clearly been reigned in after some
grandstanding in earlier shows when it, at times, became the Sexton show
featuring Bob Dylan. And that is a shame as Charlie is an awesome player. He
looked just plain bored and frustrated. On Highway 61 where there was an
opportunity to let him cut loose, it was not in the same league as KC in August
when Charlie dominated the stage. I'm guessing he may leave sometime soon.

Short encore and some discordant notes in Jolene when someone was way off key. I
was thinking Bobby looked weary as he exited right at the end, showing just a
bit of his age..and then the following night he goes and delivers back to back
sets in Madison WI. What a trouper... a song and dance man.


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