Düsseldorf, Germany

Mitsubishi Electric Halle<

October 22, 2013

[Brian Berry], [Joachim Neumann], [Terry McGovern]

Review by Brian Berry

Well, I won´t give a full review, everyone knows the song-by-song by now
suffice to say our man was in good voice, particularly on the Tempest
songs which all came across very well, especially Long & Wasted Years, for
me the highlight. A performance overall which was decent, without any
super-highlights. Dylan´s piano playing often was not in total sync with
the band. With the set lists not varying at all any more, are we going to
see three nights of the same at the Albert Hall? (And Berlin, Paris, etc.)

Interesting to see the very attractive blonde lady at backstage left next
to the sound man, must have been Dylan's girlfriend-he kept looking over
to her.

Brian Berry


Review by Joachim Neumann

Never had a better place at a Dylan concert then today, front row, center
stage! The show was excellent for me! Bob in cool mood and on fire, the
band tight! Tony played bass on a 6-string Fender guitar in the beginning,
very interesting sound! All members had slots for solos! George made a few
great moves and rhythm changes. Donnie´s banjo clearly mixed! And Charlie
is the king of the Les Paul for me. Stu hammering the Gibson ax as always,
and Tony, well, what can you say about one of the best bassplayers on this

Okay, if you want me to point out one highlight in a setlist full of
those: Long And Wasted Years is just unbelievable. Bob´s live precence of
that one can´t be described in words! Don´t You Dare Miss It!

Joachim Stewart Neumann


Review by Terry McGovern

Now and then when I'm alone and my mind is wandering, I remember Cold
Irons Bound in Dallas in 2002.  As I remember it they played the song like
a metal band would have.  That sort of arrangement is my favorite kind of
Dylan sound, and I haven't heard it very often.

That kind of strident, harsh sound was there in "Love Sick" in Düsseldorf.
I loved it. I loved the rest of the show, too.

At that 2002 show, I was with my wife, who was expecting our first child.

I read professional reviews in the German press that talk disparagingly
about Dylan's performing voice, piano playing, lack of guitar playing, and
offer unappreciative remarks about the band.  I disagree completely, but
find these comments anyway beside the point.  Any Dylan audience today
should consider itself lucky. Especially in Europe we get a chance to
watch the best of America in a time when America doesn't seem to be
playing too well over here.  I personally was truly moved yet again by
Dylan's voice, the elegance of the drummer, the brilliance of not just the
album lyrics, but by the alternate lyrics he sang in "Tangled Up In Blue."
The band was tight, the stage display and lights were right. Dylan himself
looked just darn cool.

Consider that all of the following facts were true on Tuesday:  1) I was
watching my eleventh Dylan concert.  2) He played 19 songs.  3) Dylan was
in his 70's.  4) Of the set list, I had only heard 5 live previously; I
was hearing 14 songs live for the first time.  5)  One of the songs I was
hearing for the first time was released 47 years ago and is certainly a
classic.  6)  The other "new live for me" songs were just released and are

That all this can be true at once is a kind of miracle.

The highlight of the show for me was sitting next to my son, who was
watching his first Bob Dylan concert but hearing his second.  I was so
happy to have the chance to bring him with me again.


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