Sarasota, Florida

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

October 21, 2018

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Sarasota October 21. I catch a Greyhound in the early morning. I skipped
the show in Clearwater for different reasons.  So I had a day off. I hang
around the downtown area in Sarasota.  Nice little town.  Grab a
breakfast at the Italian Cafe, walk to the "Van Wezel performing art
center. ",  catch a bus to Peter's house who will be my CS host for 2
days. As the time goes is 6pm when we start the new adventure.
Peter needs a ticket. So do I. If we go by the "news" (rumors, gossips and
bad bad vibrations) the show is sold out, sold out.  I know better! I
advice Peter on how to behave around security and crowd.... But no need.
Sarasota is not Clearwater and security is fine , even helpfull in
recommending us to check around for extra tickets! Ah!ah!  As we are not
scalpers we are welcome and the crowd is more than friendly. As it is, few
folks are selling extras, and all is well for those looking, long time
before show time. My seat is perched up high but the theater is small, the
smallest on that Tour. Some Bobcats are sipping the "Heaven's door "whisky
sold at the foyer. I try a sip and almost turn all blue! My! It is strong
S..t! So..."1000 fans at my feet make me happy", will be his statement tonight.
Thank you Bob Dylan for being an Artist and thank ME for being an
admirator of an Artist! Point. The "conquest of the West" is on and here
they come! Under a thunder of applause. The couple next to me talk
incessantly but I am Zen and focus on the stage and sound from the
speakers. It sounds good to me until Bob turns to the sound tech on "Make
you feel my love". He is so upset that he will leave the piano and go
talking to the guy as the Band keeps on the music. Maybe the piano mic is
now louder and clearer? All is well. Good reaction from the public on the
most obvious songs. "Like a rolling stone" is well ovationed.  As was
"Tangled up in blue" some time ago. A public from the 60's. "Blowing in
the wind" comes too soon. I focus on Donnie. His violin sounds less
present. Did he change the tune? Or the violin? "Ballad of a thin man"....
Standing ovation but....Bob hardly looks at the public and IMMEDIATELY 
leave the stage. No bow??? Oh!oh! He was angry then! Didn't seem to be
noticed by the one night Fans. It takes a good experience and so many
shows to know the...mood. The show was good.  " Don't think twice, it's
alright  " was emotional. A total silence from the audiance...including
my neighbors! 1000 fans holding their breath, that's  a "tour de force".
I still put "when I paint my Masterpiece " as my favourite.  Love the
piano tune. I wish you'll recover Bobby.  No worry. That was a great
show. Public was happy. Well....I WAS. Joe was happy...Peter was happy.
You made ME HAPPY! See ya soon! Night, night Bobby.


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