Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October 17, 2022

[Roderick Keur], [Laurette Maillet], [Nancy Cobb], [Milon],

Review by Roderick Keur


It's been 44 years since the first legendary show of Bob in the Netherlands. 
Bob was the first artist who played an outdoor stadium show for 50.000 
people at the Feyenoord Stadion de Kuip in Rotterdam in 1978. It was also 
Bob's first show in the Netherlands. 

With many shows in between we have just witnessed his so far last stop 
in this country.  Two shows in the Afas Live area, this time all seated and 
mobile phones are banned. Bob is fighting windmills for year. As it seems 
he don't like pictures taken. During earlier shows he dimmed the lights on 
stage. He didn't care if he was visible to the crowd.  While the 
development and sensitivity of the modern photo equipment was faster 
Bob made a next move by a total phone ban. It looks like bob won this 
battle. And history repeats itself, Bob might have set a new standard 
how to experience a live concert. 

With two shows in the same venue with exactly the same set list its it's 
amazing there is so much difference. Or is it just a feeling. When you are 
on row 1 during the first night with the speakers high above and behind 
you the sound was a bit lost. Or iIs it because Bob looked a bit tired the 
first night, some songs sounded a bit sloppy and there weren't many 
tempo variations in the slow songs. This was so much different on the 
second night. The sound from row 15 was crystal clear, flawless and 
electrifying with the up tempo songs.  You could have heard a pin drop 
during the slow songs. Everyone, except for a few late arrivals and thirsty 
ones, listened intently as Bob provided vocals to his music. He no longer 
did that as in previous years by singing loudly, almost screaming, often an 
attack on your hearing in those days. He wasn't just nicknamed the crow. 
Nowadays the songs are sung in a narrative way. This is more than good 
for Bob's voice. Not only for Bob's voice, but for the crowd too, during 
all the songs you can follow the lyrics. Barring an exception when he has 
to raise his voice in an up-tempo song. For a moment the crow is back 

Bob let the music speak for itself. With the exception of one song he 
plays the complete Rough and Rowdy Ways album in its entirely. The 
Band is rock solid. Tony Garnier changed his electric bass for the stand
up acoustic bass through the night. Tony , I don't have to tell you 
about Tony as Bob introduced him. When Tony's  eyes are not 
focussed on his frets he keeps them on Bob song after song.
Charley Drayton hits the kit nice and gently. As he is around as long as 
Tony.  It was his beat what gave the rest of the Band space to work 
songs out. Stand up Charley, so everybody can see you was Bobs 
personal introduction. As he was hiding behind his drum kit. Or was 
this Bobs excuse he stayed behind a 1.60 mtr high piano? 

Doug Lancio played both electric and acoustic guitar through the show. 
And Bob mentioned he gave up a promising career as a Nascar race 
driver. He won a few races too. Glad he is here.  Did Bob express this 
statement on purpose to the Dutch crowd since we have a driver
named Max Verstappen who has now won two world titles in 
Formula 1?
Bob Britt is on the other guitar and according to Bob he can drive 
pretty fast too. Does he mean his guitar playing by this?  On 
Masterpiece and To Be Alone With You Britt picks up the acoustic 

Donnie Harron plays multiple string instruments. He brings the touchy 
juice through most of the songs. Bob mentioned that he was on the 
steel guitar and yes you have seen him playing the violin. Bob forgot 
to mention the pedal steel guitar and his mandolin. 

Bob we could find back behind his 1,60 mtr high piano. The band 
created space in the songs to weave his touchy piano playing up front. 
The combination of his voice, how he touched ebony and ivory during 
the sensitive songs is of unprecedented class.

Lucky for the crowd the sound man puts Bobs microphone on top 
the piano which makes him standing so we could see his bust.
One time during the show we saw Bob from tip to toe. Just after 
False Prophet  Bob took center stage for 10 second and shuffled back 
to his piano. You can hardly call it walking anymore. But his voice was 
strong and clear. 

After the introductions the band continue with the so called encore. 
Every Grain Of Sand.  Time for a piano solo, Donnie on pedal steel and 
with a short harp solo Bob blewed the final chords of this show. For a
moment I dreamed away and found myself back in 1984 when Mick 
Taylor played a great slide solo on a rocky version of Every Grain. 
Times flies when you enjoy yourself. 
It was Tony together with Bob Britt who supported Bob after the final 
cords safe and well off stage. it's touching to see how hard it is for 
Bob to move off stage. It's not dark yet, but we 're getting there goes 
through my mind. It is to Bobs credit that he does not let himself be 
stopped from doing what he wants to continue doing so badly. Perform 
his music to us. 
Will there be a next chapter on Dutch ground for this Bobness? 
Let's hope so, there is enough creativity musically. 
Only time will tell. 


Review by Laurette Maillet


Amsterdam II.October 17th.
I wake up with a cup of chai tea. The weather is
terribly wet. I decide to visit the rijksmuseum again.I spend few hours in
the non crowdy part. I do appreciate the furniture, the clocks, the vases
etc...non painting Art that I usually skip.I have a lunch of mayonnaise
fries and cola.Then take one hour scheduling my trip to London. It seems
that the Amsterdam metros don't fit my departure time so good. I worry a
little bit.But there is a show tonight and I need to focus.One thing at a
I take my metro to the venue and decide to stalk the buses. I didn't
see Bobby's bus yesterday, wonder where it was!Well! I see "security
Bob" walking by ???? He's not so retired , after all.They hired him for
the tricky play ;The bus and black car are parked inside a garage 
:).Alright. So Bobby wants to be invisible :)
I have a ticket tonight, handed to me by nice people in Paris. Plus a 
ticket for my friend (given by Bob Russel), plus a ticket from fans who 
exchanged for a painting. Also I have been promised a ticket from Marko
(a fan I know from the past). Woah! Nothing like yesterday.
I walk in and take my seat : black box row 7 seat 48.A perfect view on 
the piano.The woman next to me is a fan. Was here yesterday.
Bob starts a little late.They play "oh Sussana" tune the instruments?"Watching the river flow" is alright.
Bob seems to be in a hurry.He moves center stage after "False prophet" 
showing his beautiful black shirt with white embroidery. And also the 
black suit with white embroidery.That will be his only time center stage, 
except the final salute.No "thank you" ????His voice is alright. 
Clear and strong. On "Black rider" I look at Charley, the drumer. 
The most inspired of all the five musiciens, looking all tense, including 
Tony who doesn't smile as mush as before. Same remark for Donnie. 
Bob Britt always serious and Doug Lancio practically always behind Dylan. 
(Except on some riffs with Britt).Bobby more erratic than ever before?
"My own version of you" is my favorite tonight."I'll be your baby tonight" 
back to normal :)"Rubicon" a strong one.All others well done but without 
so much spirit.The audience is not so much enthusiastic neither. 
Polite and quiet. Even too much polite:(This is a Mass with Bob Dylan as 
a preacher! 
Presenting the Band Bob will joke on Doug." He used to be a race car 
driver , won some, but decided to quit, thanks for that" or something 
of the kind???
Presenting Bob Britt " he can drive fast too!" ???
And Donnie , playing also the violin.
And Tony having been here for a long time ???
Some fans move from the back and stand in the aisle, close to the stage. 
They are asked to sit. (By the public). I believe I heard Bob say 
"thank you for that" in between the lyrics of " Every grain of sand".
I do a stage rush and end right in front of Bob, on the rail.
He is as pale as a ghost. No smile. He will disappear in the night.
That is the end of the European leg. 
16 shows that I managed to attend thanks to all the good Samaritans. 
Thank you so much for your support on my crazy adventure.
Some days high, some days low.
But it's life and life only.
See you in the UK. 


Review by Nancy Cobb


After hearing Dylan's two shows, the first one under the influence of
Amsterdam's drug of choice and the second one completely sober (almost), I
have found an exception to my rule about each show being better than the
last, as I felt that the first show was equal or a tad more magnificent
than the last Paris show, while the 2nd was somewhat of a let down.

In the first show Bob and band changed the arrangements so much that in
the beginning instrumental lead-ins I almost believed a new song was in
the setlist!  Even the first 2 warmup songs were better for me.  Not only
Bob but the entire band was having fun with Donnie and Charley having
great solos and Britt and Lancio facing off with dueling guitars.  The
Martin Denny-esque Exotica version of Key West is the ultimate performance
for me even with no accordion by Donnie.  (I think a small amount of
accordion music will fit in anywhere).   On the 2nd day the arrangements
reverted to the ones we'd heard throughout the tour with the exception of
adding Louie, Jimmy (or Jimmie?), and Buddy to the poets who help Bob
reach his Shangri-la in Key West.

On the second night Bob and band seemed more serious and Bob made fewer
trips to  center stage to acknowledge the crowd, but for such a large
venue the audience was respectful of Bob and each other and the sound was
excellent.  Also security was doing its job, not like in Berlin.


Review by Milon


Was looking forward to this show for a long time. Last time seen Dylan was
2017. Just a short review. First hour was great. Bob good voice. Packed
house. 2nd row but because of the amplifiers/boxes no view on bass or
drum. Especialy liked the Rough and Rowdy songs. What a joy to see those
live. The instumental in the beginning…well not perhaps a song worthwile
mentioning in the setlist? Very short.. Oh and we speak Dutch, not
Deutsch…. Second hour? Not too good. I think I now know what Jingle
Jangle means. Or plick plock? Band was not as good as a lot of people say.
Seems like every song has the same chords? Bob’s piano also no good. I
had a great day, but these times I think going to Dylan is more or less an
experience instead of expecting a good show.? But glad I went to watch the
new songs, 



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