Tulsa, Oklahoma

River Spirit Casino Resort

October 12, 2018

[Demetrios Macris]

Review by Demetrios Macris

A masterpiece painting requires canvas, paint, and a frame. Thereís
contrast, nuance, and precision. The subtleties need protection from an
overwhelming background and the overall affect on the observer should last
a lifetime.

Bob Dylan and his band gave us a masterpiece in Tulsa. Charlie was working
overtime to make up for the missing guitar. George was outstanding in the
drums, Tony was his usual perfection and Donnie made it look effortless
all night. Bob was confident  at the mic and every one of them words rang
true and glowed like burniní coal. The new phrasing in paint my
Masterpiece, Like a rolling stone and Serve Somebody had us spellbound.
Time stood still. Even the band was mesmerized. A drum solo out of nowhere
was like a shooting star. Amazing. The curtain lighting was beautiful. It
took a few songs to get the sound right, and the absence of Stu as obvious
at first, but the band changed  every song and soon his absence was a
distant memory.

The crowd felt like a church congregation.

It was spiritual.

New words, variation on the melodies, different time signatures, and very
prominent vocals are the new norm 

Canít wait for the next shows


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