Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kiva Auditorium

October 7, 2018

[Noel Trujillo], [Steve Dossey]

Review by Noel Trujillo

Just back from the Albuquerque concert which is an hour and a half drive
from Chimayo, New Mexico. I have seen Dylan, off and on, since the 80s
(about 20 concerts) though Dylan got into my psyche around 1964. Perhaps
that is why "It Ain't Me, Babe" choked me up. I thoroughly enjoyed this
new invention of Dylan with arrangements so different from what you might
hear on record or even other concerts. His voice on "Don't Think Twice"
was as deep and emotive as I've heard, particularly the way he resonated
"it's alright." The Kiva is small by concert venues, intimate and warm
with little space to get up and dance. Although "HW 61," "Early Roman
Kings," and even "Things Have Changed" presented the urge to dance, the
venue was restrictive. Several goers danced in the aisle momentarily but
were escorted off. There was no crooning from Bob and I wondered why. The
audience was a smorgasbord of ages, polite, but appreciative. The
highlights for me were (beside the aforenoted songs) "When I Paint My
Masterpiece," "It Takes a Lot to Laugh, A Train to Cry," and "Gotta Serve
Somebody." No downers, very upbeat except "Trying to Get to Heaven" which
was scary in its implications. Don"t know if I"ll get another chance to
see Bob because we live in the boonies, but this time renewed my spirit
and fed my brain and spirit with the lifetime I have spent with Dylan. I
suspect that some of the children in the audience will tell their children
of the time in 2018 that they saw Dylan in much the same way I tell my
children that I saw Elvis in 1972. I loved songs from Tempest and the 60s
songs that resonated in my head all these years. Thank you, Bob, for
honest with me. Still regret not hearing "Willie Mctell" live but I'll
save that for the next time and place.

Noel Trujillo
Chimayo NM


Review by Steve Dossey

This show was all about Dylan at the keyboard. His piano on stage and the 
piano sound mix were up front. His piano playing was expressive and 
impressive. He also had three harmonica solos that were like ones back in 
the Blonde on Blonde days. The singing on the first several songs were in 
the style of Love and Theft rough vocals, But on other songs his voice was 
smooth, clearly expressive and moving.  Most of the song arrangements 
were radically changed from the recordings and the last performances I saw 
5 years ago. They were slow, paced and emphasized the vocals and the 
piano playing. Yes a very different incarnation than previous concerts 
(about 20) that I have been to. Paint my Masterpiece, Love Sick, Don't 
Think Twice , Gotta Serve Somebody and Ballad of a Thin Man were 
outstanding performances. A great and unique show of a transcendent 
artist. I should also note the audience though appreciative was pretty

Steve Dossey


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