Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Nova Southeastern University
The Arena at Don Taft University Center

October 6, 2010

[Kenny D.], [Oscar Montes]

Review by Kenny D.

The venue for this show was Nova Southeastern University which is a small
private college in Davie, FL, which is a small town just west of Ft. Lauderdale.
 The college has a small basketball arena which is where the show was held. 
Venue turned out to great - very small and intimate with surprising good sound. 
The stage looked huge in this small arena - giving a club like feeling.  My
seats were in the third row and were among the best of any seats I have ever had
for the many Dylan shows I have attended.

Bob was dressed in his usual black but with the grey hat tonight.  My first
impression of seeing him was that he looked fit.  His voice and energy
throughout the night confirmed my impression.

To keep it short and simple - the show was amazing and one the best Dylan shows
I have been to.  What made it even better was that my 13 year son, who has been
raised listening to Dylan, came to the show and he was not disappointed and flat
out loved the show and had a great time.  Great Dylan vocals and the band as
always was superb.  Highlights were Just Like a Woman (spectacular), Levee
(rocked the house and put the show into the stratosphere), It Ain't Me Babe
(live version is always great), High Water (Donnie on banjo, Bob up front with
mike and harp), Workingman's Blues #2 (beautiful), Ballad of a Thin Man (wow!!!)
and last but not least Desolation Row (nirvana).   Finally heard Desolation Row
live and in person after 30 some odd shows. 

All I can say is thank you to Bob for the Desolation Row and the great show. 
Off to Orlando to see the show at UCF.

Kenny D.


Review by Oscar Montes

Great first Florida Bob show! This is a small venue in Ft Lauderdale,
about 45 minutes away driving from Miami. Good to see and say hi again to
great Bob fans like Denise, Judd, Jay, Michelle, Ed and the guys from
Germany Stefan and Thomas.

The show began at about 8:20 pm! Very enthusiastic people at the Arena at
the Don Taft University Center! Rainy Day Women was the first with great
new arrangements, everybody was happy with this Dylan classic song; Bob
started playing it on keyboard then played it on guitar. It Ain’t Me Babe
was the next one, really well performed; Bob played also the guitar in
this one. 2 more songs with Bobby playing the guitar: I’ll be your baby
tonight and Stuck inside of mobile, both of them were really good and we
could see Bob enjoying what he and his band were doing!

The time came for a very rocky The leeve’s gonna break, excellent and very
danceable! Bob played the keyboard in this one. A highlight of the night
was Just like a woman, really sensitive and sweet, the crowd just loved
it! Bob played the harp on it! Honest with me was next, so strong and so
full of energy. A song I had never been able to enjoy it live: Tryin' To
Get To Heaven! I was waiting so many years for Bob to play it! He did it
so good and I would say so personal!

Another song really strong was Higwater (For Charley Patton), Bob played
it center stage with harp. Another highlight of the night: Desolation row,
the greatest version of this song I’ve ever heard live! Excellent! Then
the time came for Highway 61 Revisited, what can I say of this one? Just
great, so powerful, the arena almost crumbled! Workingman’s blues #2, with
Bob on harp was next, so nice and sweet, people really love the way Bob
performs it!

Thunder on the mountain was also so danceable! Great performance! And to
finish the regular show Ballad of a thin man! With Bob on harp! I’ll never
get tired of listening to this song live and on studio!

Only 2 songs for the encore: Jolene, people really enjoyed it and danced
it! Like a rolling stone closed this first Florida Bob show! People were
so excited singing this song ‘cause we know we’re making history, history
for witnessing the most powerful creative artist of our time! Thank you
Bob, it was an unforgettable show!

See you guys in tomorrow’s shows at the Sun Dome at Tampa!

Oscar Montes


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