Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Music Hall

October 5, 2018

[Marco Demel]

Review by Marco Demel

Strong like a lion, somewhere in the outback he washed out Sinatra, every song
a vital information , rough & ricky, blows his harp so self-assured, painting one 
masterpiece after another. Blues, Rock`n`Roll, he invites us to dance with 
“Honest of me”. he rides so easy through his songs, puts us again time out of 
mind, hit us from the back with a sentimental Workinman´s Blues #2, no rain 
should blow in his face, no one should be on his case, no doubt where to belong, 
cool growl through “Pay in Blood”, no direction home ? Early Roman Kings sounds
like Muddy Waters in the house, too. He covers “Don´t think twice” with 
forgiveness, bridges over under weeping clouds and apocalyptic drumming to a 
familiar "Thunder on the mountain" and a surprising “It takes a lot to laugh, It 
takes a train to cry” Gotta serve somebody & and the alway same Good Bye 


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