Kansas City, MO
The Midland Theatre

October 2, 2023

[Corky Williams]

Review by Corky Williams

What a difference a day makes....

* Bob entered to applause, after the band started playing 'River flow'oll
* Didn't play a speck of harp tonight.
* No band introduction, not a word.
* Bob Britt (stage rt?) only acoustic.
* Did get some 'why thank you's' tho.
* Fairly certain 'Muses' had no piano.

I'm new at writing reviews so, thanks in advance for hearing an old guy's 
ramblings here.

If any of my dozens of Bob shows ever had a performance of Old Black Magic, 
it's escaped my memory, ok?

But holy crap was it ever an epic # tonight. Just, wow.

Got several more paragraphs that I would love to add, but tomorrow is here 
shortly. And I gotta hit it early.

Goodnight all,

Corky in KC


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