Sydney, Australia

State Theatre

September 3, 2014

[Michael King], [Nick Miller], [James Mackie]

Review by Michael King

The big eye shone on the back wall overshadowed by the large vintage stage
lights suspended over the band, the lights dimmed and he appeared. The
audience transfixed as we watched in awe at Bob's capacities at 73 to mine
the rich veins of his music catalogue and bend and twist each melody and
note into a new interpretation of his own work. This was my 5 th concert
over 20 years and each has it's special moments. For me since you all know
the set list by now, was his moving and excellent voice on forgetful
heart. The audience was reverent in its observance of one of the most
creative talents on the planet. Bob strutted at the mic stand, pounded at
the piano and screamed the high notes on his harp and all with a freshness
that belies his age and his punishing live show schedule. My wife and eye
left our home in Gloucester to make the 3 hour journey to witness his
Bobness in all his God given glory. We we were not disappointed! Let me
just say that the venue was spectacular in its old world charm and
intimacy. It here that we first saw Bob in 1992 and it is here that I
believe we will sadly see him last, though I may be surprised yet again by
this mercurial artists longevity. 

There was a lot to like about tonight's at times understated but always
enthralling performance. The stage lighting however was so dim that at
times it was hard to see the players and the multiple mic stand cast
shadows over his face as annunciated his lyrics in deliberate and emphatic
tones. Thank you Bob for warming us up after the tempest of our trip to

Michael King


Review by Nick Miller

Dylan's first night in Sydney in 2014 is at the grand and ornate 1929
State Theatre in the centre of town. He last played here in 1992.

We have a mixture of seats on the tour and tonight are right in the back
row! Given the theatre sits 2,000 the view is great, no-one behind us is
talking! and the sound excellent. In fact it's like being at the top of a
grandstand at a football match - you get a totally different perspective
on what is going on. 

You can set your watch by the start - right on 8 pm the gong sounds.

The crowd tonight is a mix of ages - many young and all enthusiastic.

The set list is as recent nights and again a great show. Most enjoyed for
me are Workingman's Blues #2, Early Roman Kings and Long and Wasted Years
(my favourite song off Tempest). My daughter's was Pay in Blood. The Blood
on the Tracks songs are again standouts, as is the harmonica playing.

Not much more to say than roll on tonight!

Nick Miller
Sydney, Australia


Review by James Mackie

My 18yo son and I attend this night. The set list here is of course the
same. The crowd seemed less into it than Canberra, this surprised me. A
very good review in the SMH also noted this.  The review as on line and
was worth the read. The reviewer knew something about her subject matter. 
I wondered if the old  theatre as beautiful as it is has a calming

The highlights were again    Workingman's Blues #2,  Duquesne Whistle,
Forgetful Heart.  Suddenly  Long and Wasted years  jumps out at me as a
killer performance to end the regular set. This very very powerful, why
have I not noticed it more before, I don't think the performance had
changed a lot it was just me discovering something else in the BD
repetoir.   The magical recreations of  Watchtower and Blowin are
incredible once again. Bob is not brilliant on the piano but this works. 
I am thinking about how Bob uses his  differing voices, the rough  growl
and the quieter and much more pure.  There was no substantial stage rush
however not sure if it's the crown or the aggressive finger wagging at
those with phones up for pics which sedates everyone.


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