St. Kilda, Australia (suburb of Melbourne)

Palais Theatre

August 20, 2014

[Steinar Daler]

Review by Steinar Daler

Just a short review from my last Australian concert in St. Kilda, 
Melbourne. I saw the 3 concerts in Perth and the 3 first ones in St.
Kilda. Both concert halls were nice with outstanding sound. For those of
you who have not seen those concerts and only have read the setlists, it
might look like they're all the same and maybe boring. No way! This
setlist is perfect and of course there are changes from one night to
another.  I felt the last concert was the best, but maybe that's only
because I had a 2. row center seat that night.

It's soon a year since the first show with almost the same setlist, but of
course it has improved. The band really know those songs very well by now
and it shows off. Bob's vocal is very good all the way and when at the
beginning there was a couple of outstanding songs like Forgetful Heart,
Love Sick and not at least Long And Wasted Years, now their almost all
outstanding. Maybe Beyond Here Lies Nothing and Spirit On The Water could
be changed for something else - why not Girl From The North Country? - but
the rest is just great - except for the plink plonk piano at the middle of
Watchtower. Charlie Sexton is a big part of this. He's doing more and more
delicate licks on his guitar and Donnie Heron is more up in the mix. Stu's
accoustic guitar playing is better and better and George Recilie's
dynamics on the drums as well. Tony is as always good. I have already
decided to go see more concerts in US if there will be a fall tour even if
Bob most likely will continue with the same setlist. Go see him and his
fantastic band! You will not be disappointed.

I want to say a couple of words about a couple of the songs too. Tangled
Up In Blue is of course a crowd pleaser, but it is getting better and
better and is different from concert to concert. Workingman's Blues is
just outstanding too. The highlight of every concert beside long And
Wasted Years. Keep on, keeping on Bob, and I will keep on keeping on
seeing you and your band.

If I have to complain about something it is those 4 mikes in front of Bob.
Why? And the very dim lightning. Don't you want people to see you Bob?
It's OK when you have a seat upfront, but for the people way back it's not
good, or when the lights at the stage shines directly in your eyes and
makes you feel to put on sunglases when you watch them, then I wonder if
some of Bob's people have ever tried to sit among the audience and look or
if it is just another strange move by Bob. But, all the strange, funny,
annoying, and surprising things he do is of course a part of what a Bob
show should be like too.

Nice to be in Australia for the first time too. Pleasant people, nice
arenas and relaxed security at the venues.

Steinar Daler


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