St. Kilda, Australia (suburb of Melbourne)

Palais Theatre

August 19, 2014

[Peter Elliott]

Review by Peter Elliott

I went to Monday's show and found it spell binding which left me anticipating 
the second night with great expectation. Once again Stu wandered onto the 
stage strumming at exactly 8PM and then the band and the man were into 
Things have Changed. From the first minute this was an unforgettable 
performance. Bob's singing throughout the show was extraordinary. His voice 
has evolved into the most soulful and expressive of his career and brings his 
modern songs to life with such heartfelt emotion.

The beautiful old Palais theatre is an ideal venue and seemed to bring out the 
best in the great man. The crowd were wildly enthusiastic which seemed to 
inspire Bob even more. Every song was a highlight. Glorious versions of 
Workingman Blues, Waiting for You, Tangled, Simple Twist and Soon after 
Midnight were hauntingly beautiful. Forgetful Heart and Long and Wasted 
Years were powerful and gut wrenching beyond words. A growling Pay in 
Blood was amazing, Love Sick, High Water and Early Roman Kings rocked till 
the roof nearly came off. Then the encore. If as Bob acknowledged All Along 
the Watchtower became Jimi Hendrix's song it has now come back to its 
rightful owner. This is the best version I have ever heard and was highlighted 
by a gorgeous interplay in the middle between Bob's piano and Charlie's guitar. 
The show climaxed with a beautiful performance of Blowin in the Wind. Bob 
played piano before closing the show with a harmonica solo that took your 
breath away.

This was a magnificent show with the band on fire bringing out gorgeous 
piano work from Bob. His harmonica playing was brilliant throughout and the 
singing. Oh my God , the singing. That's it me for me for this tour and I live 
in hope that this extraordinary and ever evolving genius will grace these 
shores again soon.
To sum up the show could I quote the greatest wordsmith of them all -
"Mt powers of expression, once thought so sublime, couldn't do you 
justice, in reason or rhyme."


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