Scranton, Pennsylvania

Montage Mountain
Toyota Pavilion

August 10, 2011

[Oscar Montes], [Matthew Jacobson], [Glenn Hertzler], [Joshua Seese]

Review by Oscar Montes

Another great show in Scranton! Really exciting beginning with Rainy day woman,
It ainít me babe was the following, great performance! Things have change is
being played so great, I have to repeat that the new arrangements make it a
highlight! Bobís been playing harp so intense last two nights; he did it again
tonight on TUIB, Highwater and specially in Mr. Jones.

Mississippi has been a new song on this tour and people just love it. Desolation
row was beautiful. What else should I say about Highway 61 Revisited? Every
night is an explosion! Simple twist was once again so sweet and so personal I
must say!

The Rock ní roll songs Summer days and Thunder on the mountain were shaking!
People dancing all over the Toyota Pavilion! 

The encore was just too good! Iíve heard several times Like a rolling stone, but
tonightís was really special, I do not how to explain it, you just feel it and
people on Scranton felt it, great performance with Bob enjoying it indeed!

Watchtower as well, so much energy! Ok, tomorrow is a day-off and then weíll
travel to Bethel NY for our 3er show of the season!

Oscar Montes


Comments by Matthew Jacobson

This was my 16th Dylan show over the past 14 years But this show was not 
about the music.  Sure the new version of Mississippi was spectacular, and 
Ballard of a Thin Man rocked.  I decided to bring my 2 and a half year old son, 
though I was uncertain as to how he would behave.  Before the show began, 
I bought a $50 6th row ticket from someone outside of the venue. While 
Leon Russell played, we sat in the concession area, ate french fries, a coca cola,
and I sipped a Long Island Iced Tea.

Afterwards we made our way to our seats, and immeaditly the man behind us,
said to me, "I know you" I reconized him too, it was my first cousin, whom I had
not seen in nearly 20 years! He had also just bought his ticket in the parking
lot. Amazingly we both instantly reconized each other, and spent the show
chatting about our familes and lives. Hopefully we stay in touch after this
chance meeting. As far as my sons behavior, he LOVED the show, he smiled,
danced, clapped his hands, and enjoyed it when I sat him on my shoulder. He kept
asking me, "What this song about" my reply to him was life. He did not
understand my answer, so I would tell him things he could relate to like, papas
house, the swimming pool etc, Finally during All Along the Watchtower he said to
me, this the song about Bob Dylan. Yes son, Bob Dylan played the song about Bob


Comments by Glenn Hertzler

I am a long time Bob fan just seeing my 90th show with my youngest son who is
26. He has seen Bob 8 times with me.  The entire family seeing Bob in Cork
Ireland a few years ago, very special . We both enjoyed the show very much,
including Leon Russell , great opening act. Bob is giving it his all,  just wish
the shows would have a few different songs in the mix. I have seen a lot of
shows over the last 8-10 years almost all have been exceptional. I guess at 70
just to have Bob returning to our area as often as he does is remarkable so I
guess I can't complain about the set list. He is giving us great shows to
remember , going out front really nice. Phila next week ,will hope for a few
different songs. Fans old and new won't be disappointed.  Ballad Of A Thin Man
worth the price of admission, incredible. Thank's Bob for staying on the road ,
may you stay FOREVER YOUNG!

Glenn Hertzler


Review by Joshua Seese

The lengthy drive to Scranton was well rewarded.  I booked a hotel at the
bottom of the mountain.  This followed by me and my girlfriend eating
Dominoís pizza and getting dressed up for the show.  The walk from the
parking lot to the venue gave us time to wrap up discussions of Cleveland
and speculate on what was in store for us this evening.  In my opinion,
the sound was slightly better than in Cleveland.  Rainy Day Women had lots
of precision.  Bob burst out onto the scene and got right into the groove
of things from the first line out.  This was no warm up.  It Ainít Me Babe
showed a nice change of pace- a loverís tale in typical Dylan
confrontational fashion.  Things Have Changed was on fire from the moment
Bob hit the front of the stage.  A brilliant rendition that words cannot
begin to explain.  Tangled Up in Blue was smooth with well placed
harmonica.  Beyond Here Lies Nothiní was rocking.  I have always been a
big fan of Together Through Life and this song showcases the musical
styling on that record well, and live performances add to the mystique. 
Please bring the trumpet back into the mix though!  Mississippi was a
crowd pleaser and full of wisdom as well.  This song is beginning to find
regularity in his sets and for good reason.  Summer Days appeared a tad
rushed in its delivery.  This is typical of how Dylan chooses to sing it. 
I do not mind the feel of frenetic and fleeting summer thoughts but there
are some brilliant lines I wish he would hang onto and draw out.  High
Water became the highlight of the show for me.  Desolation Row was played
fairly straight which is the way I would have wanted to hear it, massively
long, intricate, neurotic, full of intellect and steeped in its famed
delivery.  Highway 61 was once again chilling and drilling.  Thunder on
the Mountain was well articulated again.  Ballad of a Thin Man was a crowd
pleaser.  I danced out all those harmonica solos like my life depended on
it.  The guy three seats to my left must have enjoyed it because he gave
me a high five afterwards, haha.  Like A Rolling Stone kept the crowd
energy pumping.  Everyone was moving.  All Along the Watchtower felt
breezy and apocalyptic.  Overall High Water was a wild romp.  I loved
every minute of it.  The band was tight again.  It is so great to have
Charlie back.  The sound was clear.  Dylanís vocals were on the beat as
always.   Venue was cozy.  Bob appeared genuinely happy again.  Everyone
please get out there and see Bob like never before.  These shows are the
shows of a genius and his globetrotting band.

Joshua Seese


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