Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Zoo Amphitheater

August 3, 2011

[Bill Royaloak], [Charles Cicirella]

Review by Bill Royaloak

Bob was having fun! Dancing, mugging for the fans and he and the band were
playing hard and putting on a show. The echo in Thin Man was botched a bit but
where it was used right it lent a really cool effect ( take it or leave it). The
show was outdoors and the weather was cooler than past week so pleasant and
pretty full to capacity. My best seats ever 5th row left of center. I believe
this was the best Dylan show I've ever witnessed. Bob needs to know that when we
see him and the boys having fun than we have even more fun. Great job having
Leon Russell on tour. One very underrated entertainer and deserves many
accolades. Another fun band to hear too. If you've been waiting for the ultimate
Bob experience, try seeing him this leg of the tour. He's smiling and dancing
and singing wonderfully. Thanks Bob!

Bill Royaloak


Review by Charles Cicirella

The vagabond who's rapping at your door

People ask why do you do more than one Bob show during the same tour and why
have you seen him so many times? That question is easily answered after having
just seen Toledo, Kettering and Cleveland. Bob never delivers the same show
twice and I do not mean the same set because even when the sets are similar the
performances themselves are always completely different. Different in
temperament, different in emotional intensity, different in so many conscious
and unconscious ways and means. Sometimes the show may be a landscape while the
next night the show is more of a seascape and yet another night you're out in
the country getting completely drunk underneath a diamond sky or maybe just
maybe Bob takes you to the city and prowls down the avenue with you showing you
just what it means to be a legend in your own time. A legend who stands up on
that stage sweating bullets and praying the sinner's prayer. The sound in
Toledo, Ohio was I would say the best of the three I saw. His vocals were right
there and so during Baby Blue it was as if you could not only see and hear the
vagabond knocking at the door, but could in fact feel this vagabond as Bob
sketched the scene for us with his hands, eyes and mouth (which reminds me his
harmonica playing all three nights was some of the best I have ever heard him
blow). The man is very much a painter especially when he is standing there in
front of us delivering the very last Sermon on the Mount as the last radio
coughs out a song about mulberries. I think many of us go to Bob shows to just
plain feel better, but I also believe we attend these mass excavations of both
heart and head because it is of the utmost importance to experience someone
doing not only what is so clearly their chosen work, but also very much their
calling as Bob rings us up on a golden telephone and tells us we best not be
late for this High Grade - Future Perfect Music Extravaganza!

Charles Cicirella


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