Lyon, Francd

Fourviere Nights Festival
Theatres Romains De Fourviere

July 18, 2012

[Richard Lager]

Review by Richard Lager

Riverboat Captain Bob was great yesterday in the old theatre of Fourvières in Lyon. I really 
enjoyed the whole concert and particularly seeing Bob at the grand piano, which gives a 
special twist to the songs. Bob plays the piano like he played the guitar : no melodic lines 
but rather like some punctuation marks in his own melodic world... which must be quite 
difficult for the other musicians and you can see how they all concentrate on his Dylanic 
way of playing! But it works, or it worked last night, and Bob was in control from start to 
finish. When he is in that mood, the set list is not a problem and whatever song he decided 
to do was fine! The only trouble I found (and which I have found for the last couple of 
years) is that his facial and body (ah that left leg!) expressions are so important and part of 
the overall concert that you must be very close to Bob to enjoy the full concert ! Last year
I saw a great concert in Milano (I was very close to the stage) and I saw a not that good
concert in Paris a few months later (I was at the back of the back of the hall...). I wish 
Bob would make a new Renaldo & Clara film right now so that he could be filmed UP CLOSE!


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