Boston, Massachusetts

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

July 14, 2016

[Ernest Pancsofar], [Bill Thomas]

Comments by Ernest Pancsofar

The short and sweet of a Dylan Performance:

Tony Garnier's haunting use of bow on his stand up bass for at least
two of the Dylan covers of old standards;    Hot/Humid weather under
the tent of the Blue Hill Pavilion in Boston Har-bah;    Mavis Staples
- I'll Take you There - opening act is what it should be.  Her comment,
"I like the way Bobby walks - like this." as she imitates Dylan's unique
manner of walking on stage.   Sounds of jets taking off from Logan
International Airport just across the venue and wondering what someone
on board one of the planes thinks is going on in the "valley down
below."    A pre-concert taste of the excellent New England cuisine at
the Legal Test Kitchen about two blocks away;   Accompanying my
daughter to her 4th Dylan show;   Looking around at the assortment of
Dylan fans who arrived: span of ages, appearances,  veterans to shows /
first time viewers;    Donnie Herron's violin introduction to first
encore - Blowin' in the Wind;   My 27th show has been influenced by
25+ books in my Dylan library, viewing previous taped shows and the
connections I am making between Dylan's work and my own personal values
and professional teaching / writing;   Wondering how long he'll stay
at it - - - I do appreciate the privilege listening in on his creative
output in a live venue.  He doesn't need to do this, but I am thankful
he still does.

Ernest Pancsofar 


Comments by Bill Thomas

Bob Dylanís original material rocks, and his Sinatra covers
totally do not. To wit; Tangled, High Water, Early Roman Kings, I Pay in
Blood and even Scarlett Town are worth the price of admission. Anything
that Sinatra ever did is worth the price of going to sleep over _ You Pay
in Snore. But I will grant you, it is a pleasure to still see The Bard
perform at the age of 75. Maya Staples was incredibly energetic and
inspiring. At the risk of being lazy, because I took in Dead & Co. at
Fenway Park in Beantown the next night after a long work week, Iíll just
cite her incredible cover of Stephen Stillsí ďFor Whatís Itís
Worth.Ē While Bobby D. is not known for his stage patter, Maya made it
all Worthwhile with her killer mix of gospel, soul, R&B and heartfelt,
lifelong plea for understanding and unity. Sometimes I come away from a
Bobby show so naked and numb, I donít know what I came to get away from.


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