Prague, Czech Republic

O2 Arena

July 2, 2014

[Miroslava Kejvalova]

Review by Miroslava Kejvalova

A concert in Prague - my 10th meeting with Bob Dylan. Great as usually. I
must say every concert was different, even though only in details, but
still different. And itīs Bob Dylan - interesting, moody, tough even
gently. My friend saw Bob in Košice 27īth June and we met in Vienna next
day. Concert in Vienna was standard, Prague concert seems better to me
maybe because we had our seats at 1th row in front of a stage. O2 Arena
was nearly full. We wanted to stay under the stage as we stood at 2010,
but security didnīt allow it. No problem, we (and many others fan) went
back on our seats. Bob was in good mood, smiled and gave instructions to
members of the band as usually. When he sang in center of the stage I
nearly didnīt see his face from my view, because he was hidden behind 4
microphones. If Bob played piano I saw only his hat. But never mind, the
sound was great and I had feeling that Iīm sitting in jazz or swing Cafe
and thereīs playing the best band with the best singer of the world. What
feeling, what mood! If I closed my eyes I listened to every notes, every
word, felt every emotions in Bobīs voice. What "Forgetful Heart"! I had
tears in my eyes - fantastic, heart- felt and very moving singing. I think
- no one could sing it like Dylan. My other personal highlights of the
concert were Love Sick, Early Roman Kings (I love Bobīs rough woice on
it) and She Belongs To Me. I wish listen to Million Miles (a fantastic
rendition in Atheny), but Bob didnīt it, maybe sometimes.When Bob sang
"Soon After Midnight" I was dancing waltz under the stage in my fantasy
and I went back to early 60ī. Really great rendition too. The band did
great job all lthe show, especially I liked Tonyīs playing upride bass on
"Duquesne Whistle" Three songs before end of the concert security let
people under the stage and we sang with Bob "Long And Wasted Years" and
two last songs along. We were thankfull for it very much.  I liked one
older Japonese near by me who was absolutely enthusiastic and still called
"Bobby, Bobby!" I love this kind of Bobīs fans! All at all, other great
experience with Bob, I still hope, weīll meet in a future again. May God
still loves you Bob. 

Miroslava Kejvalova
The Czech republic


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