Lewiston, New York

Artpark Mainstage

June 30, 2016

[Chuck Owen]

Review by Chuck Owen

My son Mike & I had to share this rare occasion to get together for a
night to be entertained by Bob Dylan. As Mike only visits once a year for
3 or 4 weeks depending on his schedule from his teaching job in Kuala
Lumpur Malaysia where he has lived for the past 8 years. So we had to get
tickets for this concert in Lewiston NY and see Dylan perform. I have been
a Dylan fan since the mid 60's and have attended his concerts since 1974
this being my 58'th Dylan concert and going with my son made this a
special night for us. Mavis Staples provided the audience with a great set
and sent electricity throughout Artpark and proved to be a solid opening
act. The house was packed and everyone was really enjoying themselves.
There was a mixture of generations in the audience from kids to old
geezers with their faded Dylan T-shirts on, proudly displaying to everyone
shows that they attended many years ago. I have seen Dylan go through the
many stages of his performing career and I must say he has done another
wonderful job with his arrangement of old and new material. As a lifelong
fan there is nothing more enjoyable then being entertained by Dylan on a
cool summer night sitting next to my son. It is a night like this that I
will cherish for the rest of my life, thanks Bob and never let the beat
fade away.

Chuck Owen
Welland Ontario


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