Syracuse, New York

Lakeview Amphitheater

June 25, 2017

[So I Ran], [Mo Ritz], [Oscar Montes]

Review by So I Ran

WOW! What an excellent show from the little maestro! Stu ambled out
noodling his new noodle - some appalachian/scottish/irish reel morphed
from an obscure 16th century ditty (altho it  definitely sounded familiar)

A hatless bob delivered a stunning selection at the magical Lakeview
Amphitheatre – Standouts included Desolation row (where the hell you
gonna go?)

Tangled up in the wilderness & a superbly refreshed Summer Days (kudos to
donny’s opening FABULOUS fiddle finessing which kicks off summer daze as
a whole new fun fiesta…

Nobody plaigiarizes bob better than bob so lay off you critics (I’m
thinking of you,  MR. JONES) throughout the land…

Even the frank songs were terrific - with bob’s diagonal mike as the
3rd leg of a definitely non-poppy but somewhat proppy septuagenarian

But je syr’accuse bob…maybe retire a couple – how ‘bout just 4
frank songs per outing?

All in all a cracking good night out…don’t you dare miss it!

So I Ran


Review by Mo Ritz

The Boys Are Back In Town

Well guess who just got back today, Bob Dylan and them Cowboys that had
been away.  With the sun shining on the shores of Onondaga Lake, Stu
Kimball made his usual entrance strumming on his old guitar, followed by
the rest of the cowboy band:  Tony Granier on Bass, Charlie Sexton on
Guitar, George Receli on Drums, Donny Herron (is there anything he doesn't
play) on Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Electric Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle, and the
Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Mr. Bob Dylan.  Standing Ovation.

This band haven't changed that much to say, but man these cats can play
crazy good. Things Have Changed the ever predictable opener, somewhat
re-worked, with Bob at the piano, followed-up by an impressive spirited,
snap your fingers Don't Think Twice, It's All Right and Highway 61
Revisited, don't think 1960's.

From the recently released Triplicate of old standards, this evenings set
list included:  Why Try To Change Me Now, Melancholy Mood, Stormy Weather,
Once Upon A Time, That Old Black Magic, and Autumn Leaves, with the ladder
receiving the loudest applause.

With feet tapping, fingers snapping The cowboy, giddy-up groove of
Duquesne Whistle and Summer Days surely blasted the audience away.

The Nobel Prize winner, song and dance man gave a little tug to the
audience' s heartstrings with the ballads of Tangled Up In Blue and Make
You Feel My Love.  In stark contrast, the drinks will flow and blood will
spill, came from Tempest:  Pay In Blood, Early Roman Kings and Long And
Wasted Years.

Dylan and the cowboys closed out the evening on Onondaga Lake with
renditions of Blowin' In The Wind and Ballad Of A Thin Man.

Spread the word around, it wasn't long till the summer came, to the shore
of Onondaga Lake now that the boys are here again!  Thank you for the show
& Happy Trails



Review by Oscar Montes

Long way from Kingston to Syracuse but with good talking about Bob albums
with Virginia. We agreed on that Blood on the tracks is the best album
ever. Of any artist. Ever.

Awesome to say hi to Sue Osborne, Lisa Fitzpatrick, Jeff Myers, Susan & Al
and Jayne Watson before and after the show! Don’t ask me how but Sue and I
managed to be on second row center before the show when we have tickets a
little more behind, then we moved to front row. It was wonderful to share
this show with you Sue, you made me laugh all of the time, mostly when you
said “We’re dead”! Can’t stop laughing just to recall that moment.

Bob looked so cool appearing on stage, wow! His personality is so
magnetic. You couldn’t stop staring at him. After a few minutes you
remember there is a band supporting him.

“Highway 61” the most explosive version I’ve heard for years! Wow is the
only thing I could after this performance. “Why try to change me now” just
perfect. I just loved it. Time moved like a jet plane on this performance.
Again a funny and dancing version of “Summer days”. And then “Make you
feel my love”, a good surprise with change in lyrics in: “The storms are
raging on the rolling sea And on the highway of regret I put your hand in
mine and you're with me I see you know me well”

Once again “Once upon a time” was so lovely delivered. It was in my head
the rest of the weekend. For the first time ever, in 46 shows in my life I
couldn’t help going to the bathroom! Jesus! I lost totally “Soon after
midnight”! I’m so sorry guys! “That old black magic”, “Long and wasted
years” and “Autumn leaves” sounded so much better than in Kingston for me.
Maybe since I was closer to the stage.

When leaving the venue I recalled I had to buy my show poster. I went to
the merchandise area and I heard there was only one left and I thought OMG
my luck is getting bad again. Suddenly I saw Jayne Watson asking for a
poster, so who of us will get it? Luckily someone else came to this place
and said to the merchandise guys: I don’t want this poster anymore, I
don’t like it and looks like it is damaged. I shouted: Gimme the damaged
one please! Jayne got the other one left. Mine was red and hers blue, I
asked her: Wanna change it? And she said: Sure, I don’t mind the color!

What a good feeling leaving the venue! That old feeling when Bob has
offered a wonderful show! I’ve got the feeling that this could be my last
Bob show in the USA ever. It’s a feeling but yet we never know!

Thanks a ton Virginia for all the rides and even allow me to drive her car
for a while! And thank you for all the good talking along the way back to
NYC. I do believe I’ve had enough!

Oscar Montes


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