Indianapolis, Indiana

Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park

June 25, 2016

[Laurette Maillet], [Don Ely]

Review by Laurette Maillet

The ride on the Megabus from Chicago was fine. I was sleeping most of the
time. I search right away for a Starbuck Cafe. It is the only place with a
sure Wifi. I don't even need to consume, just seat and connect. The venue
is walking distance so I ... walk. Got a little bit lost in the Park
before I find the entrance of the venue. It is 4 p.m. but already a Lady
is waiting in line! She is in a wheelchair. Looking closely to her, she
has only one arm and one fonctional leg. Well! Things happen! After a
while I donít even pay attention just chat about Bobby. She happens to
have an extra ticket. My luck. She is first one in line, me second. For
what it is! There is a section with reserved seats in front of the stage
and then the lawn, so no way, what so ever, to be close to the stage.
Nonetheless she wants to be FIRST in line. Alright! By the time we wait, I
manage to buy myself a Greyound bus ticket for Nashville, leaving right
after the show ; 12.30 a.m. Talking with the security I find out there is
a section for handicapped Fans. I manage to have a space for both of us
inside the front section. We are right behind the chairs which fortunately
are low down on the ground. The view of the stage is perfect, in the line
of the front mikes. One hour to wait for Mavis. A tour to the toilets and
the bar where Katy buys herself a glass of wine for...9$. I grab some ice
in a glass 7.45 p.m. Mavis puts on her show. An enthusiastic
public sings along. I start to know some of the lyrics too. About Love,
happiness, positive vibrations. She mentions she was around in 1962. I
believe her. Peace, Love and Happiness!† A mix of Blues, Reggae,†
Gospel, Soul .... entertaining for 45 minutes. 8.45 p.m. The sun is down,
the air is cooler when Stu strums what ever he has to strum. Bob is
wearing the same suit as yesterday. Same shirt? Life on the road is hard!
Oh! Those white straps on his pants! The public is immediately up and
dancing on "Things have changed". Magnificaly done by the Band and Bob. I
can tell that will be a great, great show. Bobby is in a swinging mood.
'Electrified' is the word that comes to my mind. Some one plugged him to a
100 volt circuit. So much as he will (finaly ah!ah!) make a mistake on the
lyrics of "Duquesne whistle" and another one on " Spirit on the water". He
is grabbing one of the center mikes to dance with it. It is when I realise
actually 2 mikes are fonctional and not pure decorum. The public is
picking up on the Rocking mood and the Fans are a lot more respectful of
what is going on on stage than Chicago. But I am on the floor section, it
might be the reason. I am dancing barefooted as my feet by now are a mess.
For me , this is the best show so far. Bob finaly woke up and took the
public somewhere else. Why Indianapolis?† I guess no specific reason. The
sound was perfect since the beginning. Thanks Jason and the guys working
so hard,† day after day. Katy wanted a stage rush. With her wheelchair
that would have been a disaster. I am glad she didn't make it. No more
stage rush! The Black buses are rapidly moving away. I rush to the
Greyhound station. Next one Nashville. "I'm a fool to Love you". Night,
night Bobby! Safe trip.


Review by Don Ely

A more relaxed and traditional outdoor concert setting tonight. Last night
at Ravinia Park was fun, but as the driving force of the event was food
and not music it was a lonelier experience for me flying solo as most
folks huddled together around their picnic supplies. White River State
Park is situated right downtown in Indianapolis, which is easy to
navigate. Many of the streets are named for states rather than designated
numerically, and there aren't a lot of annoying one-ways.  There was much
activity in the area on this pleasantly hot Saturday night. Over at
Victory Field the Indians were playing AAA baseball, and somebody said
Justin Bieber was in town. Good thing I didn't cross paths with any
Beliebers; they would've had to be waylaid and forced to be exposed to
REAL MUSIC over at The Lawn@! Ample parking was to be had in the
Indianapolis Zoo lot, just a short walk from the gates of the venue. Once
inside a couple hot dogs and a cold brew refreshed this dusty traveler,
and then I proceeded to the actual lawn to await the great Mavis Staples.
Of all the outdoor shows I've ever attended, this one sets the record for
most lawn chairs in use! I joined in engaging conversation with a local
man and his son, and the couple in front of us. Mostly about music, of
course! Mavis held the crowd in the palm of her hand, through the opening
" Come Go With Me " to inspirational Staples Singers stalwarts " Freedom
Highway " and closing " I'll Take You There ". While still joking
convivially with her audience, it seemed like she played more music
tonight, perhaps due to friday's supper club atmosphere. Numbers that I
believe were new from the previous night's set were Buffalo Springfield's
" For What it's Worth " and Talking Heads' " Slippery People ". The latter
was especially hot.Sound was loud and clear all the way to back o' the
Lawn. Afterward I slid over to the opposite side to await the great Bob
Dylan and His Band. As the temperature began to cool down the sky remained
a brilliant early evening blue punctuated by the occasional cottony cloud,
and I said to myself a couple brief prayers, as I am wont to do in natural
or naturalistic outdoor settings. Stu came out and they were off! I'd been
searching for someone to share a smoke with, and a little down to my left
I spotted some young folk passing a spliff. I brought mine and headed on
over. Two couples who had never met, and some girlfriends of one couples',
together we had been brought by the Hand of Fate and Bob Dylan to revel in
this moment in time. Stories were shared, laughter came easy, and we all
did our part to guarantee the night would come falling from the sky and
into our memories. All the while we were driven by the most timeless music
of the century. " Scarlet Town " sticks in my mind as having developed
substantially over the year since I'd last seen it performed. The second
set especially was sublime. Soon it would be time for another shower of
stardust under the magical heavens!

Don Ely
Rochester, MI


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