Lincoln, Nebraska

Pinewood Bowl Theater

June 22, 2016

[Gene Senger]

Review by Gene Senger

Mavis was superb, a real powerhouse with big, big pipes. She was a real
delight on each and every song and made me wonder if this is how Janis
Joplin might have sounded if she had survived.

While listening to Bob at The Pinewood Bowl, it occurred to me that the
setlist is just as it should be. At times it became apparent that Dylan
has not only been playing this old time music from the great American
songbook but this particular setlist makes you realize that his song
writing in the recent past has that American old time sound too. It
becomes more noticeable when you hear the songs in this order. This must
have been very deliberate. The beginning of Duquesne Whistle sounds like
it could be one of the songs from Frank Sinatra's era. And on Modern Times
I hear this influence all over the place. And the fact that the band is
able to orchestrate all of this on both a recording and in a live
performance is no small feat. It took many more people to back up Frank
Sinatra. Zimmy's singing was really expressive too, his powerful but raspy
voice delivered a lot of emotion, maybe not as clearly as Sinatra but
bluesier, maybe more melancholic. 

Gene Senger
St. Paul


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