Port Chester, New York

Capitol Theatre

June 14, 2017

[Barry Gloffke]

Review by Barry Gloffke

Another scintillating show tonight. Though, I would say, a notch
below  last night's opener. But before I get to the show... I showed up
with no ticket and had  quite a little adventure trying to get in. I
purchased a balcony  ticket with an assigned seat from a nice couple, in
their 60s, I  suppose, and then promptly traded that ticket to a guy for a
GA ticket  downstairs, which is what I really wanted. Well, lo' and
behold, that  ticket did not scan through. So I went to the box office to
find out  my options. I told the box office attendant what had just
transpired,  and asked him if he could quickly check to see if the ticket
was  valid. If the ticket was bad, then I was hoping for an opportunity to
 go outside and catch the guy who sold me the ticket. Unfortunately it 
took nearly 5 minutes for the attendant to let me know that the ticket 
was no good. I figured by now that the guy who sold me the ticket had 
left the scene, but I was still going to try and find him. I asked for 
the bad ticket back from the attendant, but instead of the bad ticket  he
handed me a comp ticket and said, 'Dude, go in, enjoy the show'.  VERY
KIND OF HIM. So, I was lucky to get in to see Dylan tonight. Anyway...onto
the show... which was... excellent. My viewing position was 30' or so from
the rail all the way to the  right. By the time of the first encore I was
2nd on the rail directly  in front of Bob and the piano. There were too
many people talking  tonight, at times so loud it was drowning out our
hero. So damned  annoying. They don't know it, but they are in the wrong
place, they  should all just leave. There were some pleasant changes from
the  previous night. Rearranged song slots, songs removed, songs added. 
Play-by-play. Great opener with THINGS HAVE CHANGED, and just like last
night Bob's  voice is in pitch perfect mode, bursting with emotion. Slot 2
tonight  was a real treat of TO RAMONA with Bob on guitar!!  Long time
since I  last saw him play the guitar. Nice. Then a powerful, powerful
HIGHWAY  61.. this arrangement is stellar. A brutally good STORMY WEATHER
was  followed by a rocking, rolling, roaring version of SUMMER DAYS. Not 
too shabby, as I could usually take or leave this one. SCARLET TOWN 
slowed things down. DUQUESNE WHISTLE as usual, had me dancing all  around.
I can't get enough of MELANCHOLY MOOD, even with the slightly  less perky
arrangement from last time I heard it. THIS WAS NEARLY MINE  did not hit
me. It was about this time that the conversations around  me were
non-stop. A stomped out PAY IN BLOOD was followed by an  informative WHY
TRY TO CHANGE ME NOW. Wave your hankies kids, the  EARLY ROMAN KINGS are
gavotting through and man does Bob nail this as  he does the next one
DESOLATION ROW. Although I must admit that I am  not too fond of the way
Bob tinkers with the piano for the last  quarter of ROW. ALL OR NOTHING AT
ALL is dandy as the crowd gives a  good cheer afterwards. I am not too
moved by SOON AFTER MIDNIGHT,  tonight, but the trifecta of THAT OLD BLACK
BLACK), emotionally  (LONG AND WASTED) and spiritually (AUTUMN LEAVES).
AUTUMN LEAVES is  absolutely devastating. Almost a hushed audience at this
point. Two  spectacular encores. Bob is capturing a special feeling with
the new  arrangement of the penultimate song, BLOWIN' IN THE WIND, and
tonight,  as last night, the vocals are making this more captivating than
it  usually is. Lastly, Mr. Jones is still wondering what's happening, and
 Bob is knocking this out with a perfect sendoff for the Bob Cats. Rock 
and Roll Bob.

PS. The Band.
Not too many bands better than these guys. From swing to swoon, from  rock
to country, jazz, blues, scat and more. Bob is not always on, but  these
guys always seem to be. They drive and propel the rockers, they  melt your
heart on the ballads and they fill the gaps in all Bob's  cracks and
crevices. Charlie is a great guitarist and a bona fide rock  star.
Donnie's depth seems limitless. I once harped on Recile's  drumming, but I
now find he and Tony to form one badass percussion  section. I mean Tony,
man, boom bada boom, boom bada boom, ouch,  whatta rhythm! I would love to
see these guys on their own doing a  full blown rock and roll show.
Imagine the leads Charlie, imagine the  leads... Thanks for another great
show Bob. See you one more time in Port Chester.


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