Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara Bowl

June 11, 2016

[Todd H.], [Carmen Fernandez]

Review by Todd H.

The Santa Barbara Bowl is an outstanding venue to witness His Bobness. 
Any Dylan fan from anywhere would feel comfortable, at peace, and at home
in this tranquil setting, tucked into the Lower Riviera hillside
neighborhood with views below spanning the Spanish-influenced town, its
many palm trees, and adobe-styled architecture. While beyond, you can see
cars racing back & forth on CA Hwy 101, waves cresting at city beach, oil
rigs from the Reagan-era peppered over ocean blue, and the Channel Islands
stretching southward in the distance.

Both performances were outstanding.  Mavis Staples' was inspirational,
while Bobís new material certainly captured the showís most poignant
moments.  This was my 64th Dylan show (4th here at the SB Bowl); I have
not yet purchased either of the 2 new albums of standards, and Iím glad
that I didnít prior to the show.  Hearing these songs live for the first
time, as a great artist intends, means so much more.  Iím not sure if I
have ever seen Bob more expressive as through these new numbers.  To those
who say Bob doesnít sing anymore, Iím not sure what you are referring
to.  He is the most emotional artist that I have ever seen in concert;
capable of making you laugh or cry at anytime.  And that remains today. 
He is there night after night to paint a masterpiece of his own desire
within his latest transformation directly in front of us.  To my Dylan
brothers & sisters: Donít miss this one!

Todd H.


Review by Carmen Fernandez

Went to Bob's concert last night; had not been to the S.B. Bowl in at
least three years. Have seen him there 3-4 times. My first Dylan Calif
concert was at that venue in Sept. 1989.Great performance. The audience is
attentive for the Sinatra tunes but not as enthusiastic as they would be
for his own songs.Bob sang those 1940s-50s songs with a lot of care and
respect. Sounded better than the recordings. Saw musician Jack Johnson
nearby in the audience and also the Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli. Will
also be at the Shrine concert on 6/16.


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