Seville, Spain
Fibes Auditorium

June 10, 2023

[John Graham] [Laurette Maillet],

Review by John Graham

Fibes auditorium is a beautiful state of the art venue 
approximately 2,000 seats). I'm guessing it was about 2/3rds
sold out. Show started a few minutes after 8 pm as we've come
to expect, and it was obvious from the beginning Bob and the 
band were 'on'. We had second row seats, so we could see 
facial expressions. Tony was having a great time, smiling a 
lot and interacting with Bob and his bandmates. The audience 
remained seated throughout the show, but there were several 
people who were itching to get up and dance during the 
jammier parts. I was hoping they'd do a Grateful Dead cover, 
but he chose "That old black magic" instead. The shows are 
getting mostly rave reviews here in Spain so far, but with 
comments to the effect that people were disappointed he 
didn't play more of his old songs. I talked with some 
fellow concert attendees as we were walking out, and asked 
them whether they'd even heard "Rough and Rowdy Ways", and 
they all said no. I encouraged them to dig into it, because 
it holds its own and then some vis-a-vis his "classics" as 
far as I'm concerned. I also told them "He's 82 years 
old...he can play whatever the f..k he wants!". They agreed. 
I've now seen close to a dozen shows on the current tour, 
and this was one of the best.

John Graham


Review by Laurette Maillet

June 9.
I bused from Madrid to Sevilla and that was a nice trip.
Arriving late in afternoon I already like the city. 
Beautiful architecture.
So I book a tour for Alcazar palace for next day.
Sevilla June 10.
As I walk down the street I want my cup of 'cafe con leche' 
and I bump into a Bobcat. We have a nice discussion then I 
move on to enter the Alcazar palace.
Spend few hours in admiration of the splendid hard work and 
decorations: ceramic, wood, tiles....and the garden.
Then move back to my hostel.
I pass by the 'Alfonso XIII' five starts hotel and recognize 
outside some Dylan people. 
I see the Band jumping in a black van and off they go for 
the soundcheck.
No sign of Bob who will probably leave later.
Time for a change of close and off I go by bus 27.
I now remember the venue I attended few years earlier. 
I start looking for a ticket.
Though many fans have extra Tix  they are not willing to 
sale for my 20 euros proposal.
They just walk in with that extra ticket.
Never understood that attitude. As they could at least 
get 20!!!
By 8 pm I'm desperate. I believe I won't do that show. It's 
always a challenge and I know it could not work but....can't 
help to feel sad to be out.
I talk with some folks out at the gate and with the nice 
security guard. Not at all agressive.
When suddenly two people getting out the venue make big signs. 
In fact they are leaving the show (don't know why???) and 
they asked the ushers to give me and another woman their 
two seats.
[Unusual as the tickets are already scanned].
We rush inside waiting for Bob to finish "Masterpiece" before 
we are seated row 5 on the aisle :)
Fantastic seat ! Beautiful venue! Excellent view of Bobby!
Never been so close on that Tour.
I want to stand and dance but the usher says we need to be 
I can't believe my luck so I'm over enthusiastic.
And Bob's in a good mood.
Playing a long solo of harp in the middle of 'To be alone 
with you'.
Bob has a strange expression on "Key west
". Turning over to Jerry or Tony, who don't seem to 
understand where's the problem.
He has a long long speech presenting the Band , a joke for 
each one of them. Don't understand everything but I'm sure 
we'll get a recording :).
Mentioning Doug in movies and Tony in New Orleans ???? 
"Right Tony?".
I karaoked all along. The seats are large and nobody's next 
to me or behind.
Obviously the show is not sold out. Plenty of empty seats. :(
But some Fans on the upper level are much enthusiastic! 
Clapping along on the songs.
After the show I try to sale some of my prints for cash and 
one of my followers will help me. Jochen , thank you for 
your kindness.
"It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry".
All together a pleasant day with happiness and anxiety.
Patience paid.
Thank you all the good people! 
And Bobby... " May all the gods go easy with you".
See you tomorrow.
Sevilla 2.


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