Madrid, Spain
Noches del Botanico

June 8, 2023

[Laurette Maillet], [Ricardo Danko]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Madrid 2 June 8th.
Got up late. Well! I didn't plan anything today.
Just a relaxed day. Took a walk in a park in the 
afternoon and my cup of 'cafe con leche'.
Then metro 6 , "circular", to the venue.
It doesn't rain. Alleluia!
I try my chance by the gate where folks are already in. 
Just in case someone is already inside with an extra 
ticket. Meaning he doesn't really want to sell. Right?
My chance!
Two young British guys say ; " yes, we do have an extra 
on the phone". Takes a while for the transfer but I'm 
getting used to those E-tickets.
I walk inside the Botanical Garden immediately.
Why wait any longer ...
My seat is row 8/35. Right on the aisle. Lucky me. 
I can move my legs 😂
Bob's in a good mood. I can tell.
Say "Thank you" after 'River flow'. He murmured 
something I didn't catch. Maybe mentioned the rain 
starting following on the colorful ponchos. Today they 
are of all kinds of colors ; pink, yellow, green, blue, 
white. Must be fun to watch from the stage.
"Black rider" is a must.
After "Masterpiece" ,also a blast, he said: " thank you 
Art lovers. I'm an Art lover too".
Before "Crossing the Rubicon" he said "now I sit" and 
did for "Rubicon" and  "To be alone with you ".
Is this a reaction to the video that was taken yesterday??? 
Precisely on "Rubicon".
I see the security guy being hyper vigilent. Flashing his 
light at some folk. :(
So Bob disappeared for two songs. Truly sad 😢.
But reappeared for "Key west".
He made a mistake at the end of "Gotta serve somebody". 
We have seen a ghost, twice :)
Oh well! Who cares??? He got over enthusiastic. :)
"I've made up my mind to give myself to you" is sweet 
and strong.
Then....oh!oh! A surprise!
No hesitation on "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum". It had 
been rehearsed, obviously.
Donnie Heron fantastic on his violin!
It moves the audience, even if few realize the surprise!
[Need to be a follower to appreciate the change.😂].
But the public is good despite the rain.
Introducing the Band before "Jimmy Reed" he will say 
"Donnie Heron on violin....and steel guitar".
Few more words I didn't catch...
Bobby being in a good mood and me having an excellent 
seat...I will say this was my best show on that Tour.
Thank you British guys.
Thanks to Bobby and his Band.
And the crew people who had certainly a hard time 
keeping everything dry.
Madrid in the rain. Never thought of it! 😂☔
Next Sevilla. Dry and warm????


Review by Ricardo Danko

Ev’rybody wants to make a long-distance call but, you know? 
they’re just gonna have to wait …this night, fuck cell phones !!


If I had wings and I could fly, I know where I would go, but 
right now I’ll just sit here, so contentedly, and watch the 
“dylanita” river Flow. It’s true that, after this new show in 
Madrid, (that starts with weak sound) most likely Bob go his 
way (and i’ll go mine).

Today and tomorrow and yesterday too, the flowers are dying, 
like all things do: He contain multitudes, first among equals, 
second to none, the last of the best, you can bury the rest, 
naked, with their silver and gold (also to all those who swarm 
non-stop... despite asking them to sit down himself).


Hey Robbie, Rick, Levon, Garth and Richard, (improved sound) 
the streets of Madrid are filled with rubble, on a semi-rainy 
and dark night on the Spanish Botanic Garden. One of these 
days I’ll forget to be kind. Black Rider, Black Rider you 
been livin’ too hard, you’ve seen it all, you’ve seen the 
great world and you’ve seen the small, you fell into the fire 
and you’re eating the flames… you’ve been on the job too long. 
Can you tell me what it means, to be or not to be? (I couldn’t 
ask to Bacon) You won't get away with fooling me


Close your eyes, close the door, You don't have to worry any 
more, I'll be your follower tonight. Take the high road, take 
the low, take any one you're on, you couldn't be anybody else 
but you… Who's come with me this far? (tonight: Graci, Rubén 
and Sergio) Are we ready to cross the Rubicon? No. When my 
working day’s through, I get my sweet reward. Follow the 
highway signs: Key Wets is the place to be If you're looking 
for immortality Key West is paradise divine, is fine and fair, 
if you lost your mind, you'll find it there… is on the 
horizon line…


You might be a rock'n'roll addict jumping across the stage, 
all money and drugs at your command and women in a cage, you 
might be a businessman or some hight degree thief, they may 
call you doctor or boss (without Bruce's permission), 
maybe ...might you like to wear cotton, might like to wear 
silk, might like to drink whiskey, might like to drink milk, 
you might like to eat caviar, you might  like to eat bread, 
you may be sleeping on the floor, sleeping in a king size 
bed, but finally you have served someone.


I hope the gods go easy with you (even if you haven't 
knocked on heaven doors for years now). Tweedle Dee and 
Tweedle Dum they’re living in a happy harmony tonight 
(fabolous surprise!!). Who cleared the path for Elvis to 
sing? Who carved the path for Luther King? Goodbye Jimmy 
Reed. See you forever Jack Frost, for yours is the power, 
the glory. You won't amount to much, the people all said, 
’cause you don't play guitar behind your head. In the bitter 
dance of loneliness fading into space, in the broken mirror 
of innocence, on each forgotten face, I can see the master's 
hand, in every grain of sand.


It's been a great night. Really !! … It ain't me, babe, 
it's Bob.


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