Woodinville, Washington

Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery
Chateau Ampitheatre

June 4, 2016

[Claire and Roger Cutler], [Pamela Balch]

Review by Claire and Roger Cutler

Great show. Always glorious to see His Bobness!

The weather was perfect for an outdoor concert and the venue is wonderful
- so civilized. Buy a bottle of world renowned wine for $20 at host's
winery and take it in with some glasses to watch the show. Far cry from
the 2 oz plunk for $7 at most concert concessions. Many people on the lawn
enjoying a picnic of wine, cheese, and grapes. Perhaps some started with
Burgundy before hitting the harder stuff.

Bob was great. Twenty songs most of which were from his recent works
(Fallen Angels, Tempest). Only 3 classics from way back: 1) Blowin' was a
great rendition with the crowd transfixed on the genius of it all and
perhaps crestfallen that we are still searching for the answers; 2) She
Belongs to Me was a surprising gem bringing so many memories; and 3) the
tune of the night, Tangled Up. Bob yet again completely revised the
lyrics. I've seen him do this so many times and he always seems to forego
the verse with the poet from the 13th (15th) century. This show he
included that verse but dramatically changed it. Unfortunately he left out
the 'revolution in the air" verse. Hard to believe at 75 Bob is still
providing further insight and guidance on his/our experiences. Thank you
Sir for keepin' on keepin' on!

The songs from Fallen Angels were very well performed and Bob's voice is
great at carrying them. They were well received but no doubt many wanted
more from his earlier works. As great as many of the Fallen Angels tunes
are they simply don't have the substance of Bob's creations. 

The last song of the evening was Love Sick. It was wonderfully poignant.
The crowd which was unpleasantly docile most of the night approached the
stage and almost had a mosh pit, mostly just trying to get close to the
one who changed everything. We were fortunate to be right up front, about
10 feet from The Sage. Amazing how focused and in the groove he was in
delivering the song. Spellbinding!

A great evening! Will do it all again tonight! Hopefully get some
different tunes, but a replay would be fine.  

Claire and Roger Cutler


Review by Pamela Balch

First concert of the North American summer tour!  Much anticipated by me and 
all other true-blue Bob Dylan devotees.

I really enjoyed hearing Mavis Staples open for Bob, she is just something!  She 
was struggling with a little hoarseness and was sipping water. A little vulnerability 
came across, along with her absolute likeability.  She carried the songs with plenty 
of her trademark soul and power.  She uses that deep, husky voice to awesome 
effect, and has fun doing it!  She was interacting with the audience, and got the 
audience singing with her, clapping, and not a few dancing, by the final number.  
The background vocalizing and playing by her band were spot-on.

Set list:
If You're Ready (Come Go With Me)
Take Us Back
[a song I just couldn't identify  9]
Respect Yourself
Freedom Highway
Stop Hey What's That Sound
I'll Take You There

There was a longish break while the stage got reset for Bob and his band.  Then 
suddenly the band strolled on, followed by Bob Dylan himself, to a great roar of 
applause.  Bob looked immaculate as always in a black casual-western suit trimmed 
with a double white stripe down either side of jacket and slacks, with white boots 
and white hat.  The band wore tan suits and dark hats (George Recile with his 
usual beret).  The sun was still brilliantly illuminating (and doubtless heating) the 
stage from the west; I don't think I saw sunglasses though.

They moved quickly into the first number and hardly even paused between 
numbers.  The band sounded as great as they always do.  There was a third 
guitarist besides Charlie Sexton and Stu Kimball, perhaps Dean Parks, who is on 
the new album Fallen Angels.  (From where I was I couldn't see faces even with 
my binocs.)  Bob was very light on the harp this concert but it brought cheers 
on "She Belongs to Me."  The band maintained their characteristic serious 
demeanor, just concentrating on executing each number to perfection.  I enjoyed 
watching George Recile's flying drumsticks.  Next to him was Tony Garnier stroking 
the bow across the bass strings….  Donnie Herron's dramatic slide guitar almost 
stole the show on all the "American songbook" numbers.  Bob's voice sounded 
great!  He danced a little several times.  Pretty smooth and quite charming!  He 
was at the grand piano on a good many of the songs.

Bob and the band did seven of the old-time American songbook numbers (from 
Shadows in the Night and Fallen Angels) so well, at this point I wonder if they 
don't actually seem more natural to them than the songs Bob has written.  
These are very mellow, softer songs, but with wonderful new arrangements that 
Bob brings to life and gives his own dynamic touch to.  The band sound as if they 
were always meant to do these songs!

Another nine numbers were great songs from earlier albums of the last 20 or so 
years.  To me, they now carry more weight and just seem to fit our times more 
than the early greats.  They are also easily recognizable.

The remaining three, the oldest, are the same great standards, but substantially 
reworked.  I could imagine Bob would not plod for 40 or 50 years through the 
same music.  We are very attached to the original music but we understand…at 
least we still have pretty much the same lyrics to cling to!

When darkness descended the stage was well lit, with some special lighting on 
some of the numbers, especially "Duquesne Whistle."  At the last notes we 
were all on our feet loudly cheering, begging for those two encore songs we 
knew Bob would give us!  It was a wonderful evening!


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