Murcia, Spain

Plaza de Toros de la Condomina

May 5, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Murcia.I ride with I. and 2 other fans.It is a long way and we are all
tired arriving in Murcia.I have a CS host here.I go to the apartment at 5
pm to find out I am right next to the Plaza de Torros.I go out and we can
hear the soundcheck from the street.I meet with I. and S. We have a bite
to eat and a drink before getting ready for another open air show in a
bull arena.I get a tribune seat but manage to get down the floor and I
find myself a comfortable plastic chair with a view on the piano.The 6
seats on my left are empty. I can do my dancing and my karaoke.I enjoy
myself but the public is "cold".The 3 girls in front of me are incessantly
chatting. Why did they pay for tickets?Bob's voice is not as clear and
powerful and he drinks between the songs. It makes me think that  he may
have a cold.Nonetheless I like the favourite songs"My Masterpiece""Love
sick""Thunder""scarlet town"I am bored on "Don't think twice"....Even LARS
don't chear up the public.The only change will be"Cry a
 while"AgainInstead of"Dignity"The Plaza de TorrosCould have been on fire
 but...that didn't happen!I move to the front only for the salute. No
 stage rush tonight.Bob sends a lot of kisses.One fan through him a hat on
 stage.Bob is amused but don't pick it up.Bye bye!See you for the last and
 final in Valencia.


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