Raleigh, North Carolina

Red Hat Amphitheater

May 2, 2013

[Joachim Stewart Neumann]

Review by Joachim Stewart Neumann

What a difference a day makes (Gloria Gaynor sang that I guess?): tonights
show was close to perfection with some surprises at the beginning, when a
passing train blows his whistle and Tony and Stu getting mad, because they
thought something was wrong with their amps. Both of them walking to their
speakers, looking at each other confused, trying to get eyecontact with
Jules the mixer, but after the train blows a one loud horn again, the show
went on. And what a show. I had a perfect place, 4th row, a bit left of
center stage. Fantastic sound, best sound since years for me. The crowd
was amazing too, everybody stood for the entire concert. And Bob nailed
the songs, his voice suits everyone of them, and you know, nobody sings
Dylan like Dylan :) Duke and Donnie did again their duelling strings on
High Water. Spirit gaves the crowd the swinging mood and Roman Kings made
the audience dance, so did Thunder and Beyond was a crowd pleaser as
always, Blind Willie is still the best Blues singer, and Watchtower nicely
phrased by His Bobness. Scarlet Town performed in a story-teller version,
very nice. Thanks for a great night in Raleigh, and even the setlists only
changes for Thunder instead of Summer Days, Im not sick of it!


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