Louisville, Kentucky

The Louisville Palace

April 28, 2013

[Lisa Smith], [Herbie Hancock], [Jim Nichols]

Review by Lisa Smith

The venue was beautiful.  It was an ornate theater with a sky and full of
golden, idol like statues.  I had second row center seats.  Bob looked
tired, real tired.  Stu looked tired and the rest of the band just looked
scared of Bob!  I don't know why he does it to tell you the truth.  He
looked like he was hating it, in a real bad mood, or just plain old.  He
forgot the lyrics to several songs and I was just worried he wasn't even
going to make it through the show.  The best song of the night was
"Tangled up in Blue" and that wasn't great.  I knew right away it was not
going to be a good show.  No need to go through the songs, same set list,
and it pretty much sucked!  He did not do his usual introduction of the
band.  He didn't even take a bow for that matter.  He came back on for
"Ballad of a Thin Man"  played it and pretty much left.  He did walk to
center stage for a brief second with his hands out but purely out of
obligation I guess.  Clearly he did not want to be there.  Louisville is a
dump of a town so I guess I'll give him that.  Since the venue is so
small, about 2900 people or so I thought it would be a great chance to see
him.  Forget about it.  He sucks in those little places.  My advice is go
see him in a big city!  He actually seems to give a crap then. 

Lisa Smith


Review by Herbie Hancock

This concert at the Louisville Palace makes an even dozen for me spread
over the years beginning in Feb. 1974.  This one, Bob Dylan andThe BAND
has to be the best for me.  That being said the Louisville Palace show
ranks 2nd. 

Bob was truly more alive (even more than 1974) and on top of his game.  
It was areal treat to watch him play the Grand piano and his harmonica
playing was more inspired than I have ever heard live.  I had the honor of
sitting beside a young lady attending her first Dylan concert and she
really loved every minute of it.  After the show I talked to 4 different
total strangers and with no prompting from me they all said " Bob sure
looked like he enjoyed himself . " I think he did and I know I did.   

Herbie Hancock  ( No not that one )


Review by Jim Nichols

Although we'd seen the California, Penn., show a few weeks before, my
girlfriend and I really looked forward to seeing Bob Dylan near our
Indiana home. He didn't disappoint.

Even with the same setlist, the show was a treat. We prefer the
unexpected, but knowing the show mainly focused on songs from 1989 and
after more than compensated. Doubt The Rolling Stones will employ the same
strategy on their current tour.

"Visions of Johanna," "Beyond Here Lies Nothing" and the "Tempest" songs
stood out. So did his white-topped boots.

Can't wait for my 40th show in Cincinnati.

Jim Nichols


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