Jesolo, Italy

Pala Arrex

April 26, 2018

[Laurette Maillet]

Comments by Laurette Maillet

Lido de Jesolo. 26th of a April. It is a sort of Island accross the laguna
of Venice. I didn't check it on Internet and in my head it is a deserted
place with nothing but a venue for Bobby Dylan to play. What a fool!
Stefano drives and yes at times we see only farms and agriculture. Bob
will play for the cows and sheep! Simon, another Good Good Samaritan,
helped me to book a room in a....Hotel! Woah! Yuppy I am. It was only 25
euros, so only semi - yuppie! We arrive in fact in a beach resort, full of
"anti UV creamed" folks in shorts and sandals. The venue is next to the
Aquarium. I bump into my othe Good Good Samaritan, Bjorne. He is here with
his father and just bought 2 new tickets. He offers his extra ticket, plus
one in Verona, he will not be using. Woah! I am ashamed to take so much.
But he doesn't will to sell them. I will be forever thankfull and indebted
to so many Fans! I can relax now though. 2 more shows with no trouble in
mind. The line forms and I walk in. It is a weird configuration arena :
small space on the floor but all seats climbing high on the ceiling, right
and left. I am on the 4th row , piano side. As strange as it is Bob will
be blocked from my vue when he is center stage. I can see him only at the
piano. The show is fine but I am stuck in my seat and I don't like it. I
just focus on Bobby's face. He looks pale as a ghost and his eyes seem
blind. After the show, Stefano drives me to my hotel. As I forgot to check
in, the Lady was sleeping. After a moment of confusion I find a private
Hotel bed all clean and warm in a room just for myself. I will meet with
Simon tomorrow morning for a bus and train trip to Verona. I am sure Bobby
is almost there already. Good night Bobby! Cordialement Mme Maillet


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