Maui, Hawaii

Alexander & Baldwin Amphitheater

April 26, 2014

[Braulio Escobar]

Review by Braulio Escobar

I had not seen Bob since the Santa Barbara show in the fall of 2012.  I
prefer to see him in smaller venues. When the Maui show was announced, I
grabbed some tickets and made the trek to Hawaii from Oregon. I read
reviews of the Japan swing and was aware of how the show had evolved. Now,
at least in Maui, the stage lights dim and the band comes out with out any
announcement and starts playing. The set list is now fairly static and
there is an intermission. 

Bob now stands front and center, unless he retreats to the baby grand
piano, pounding out cords of music forcing the band to keep up. The bandís
sound is very tight and controlled when Bob is stage center singing with
just his microphone, slightly more ďjamĒ like when Bob is playing the
piano. Iíve seen a lot of Dylan shows over the years and this version of
the never ending tour was much better than average. As the set unfolds Bob
seems to loosen up and become more engaged. Heís animated and really into
his singing, grabbing the microphone, swaying to the music. No stage
banter or band intros. Bob and his top notch band held in tight control by
the artist. Highlights from the 1st half were What Good Am I; and the holy
trinity of Pay in Blood, Tangled up in Blue, and Love Sick to end the
first half.. He was not mailing this in. During Love Sick he crouches,
growls ÖIím sick of loveÖ..

The second half starts with High Water Rising with Bob pointing with his
left arm in the direction of the coming flood. Forgetful Heart with Donnie
making like the second coming of Scarlett Rivera, haunting and beautiful. 
This is no nostalgia show, but a contemporary artist giving us what he is
currently creating. Like the poster says: Donít you dare Miss it!!


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