Frankfurt, Germany


April 25, 2017

[Laurette Maillet], [Bernhard Roth]

Comments by Laurette Maillet

We stay in Mainz as it is expensive to park in Franckfurt. 
We are at the FestHalle in early afternoon. 
H. goes to the Bobcats party before the show. 
I walk inside the commercial center to keep warm and meet with Simon for a
cup of coffee. 
The crowd packes up before the venue. 
The German Bobcats group is complete (or almost) plus some Fans from
Austria or Switzerland, 2 Frenchies. 
No one from any farther (among the Fans I know). 
Thanks to Uschi for the ticket. 
The venue has a strange structure ; the form of a boat all around and a
coupole at the top. 
Capacity 8 000. 
It is full even on the balcony behind Bob's back(on the piano). 
My seat is great, I can see the stage pretty close, on the side of Stu. 

As soon as Bob opens his mouth there is something wrong with the sound. 
His voice is coming only from the speakers on the right. 
It takes the first song and half of the second before the speakers are
fixed and then the sound is perfect. 
I manage to move a little bit on my seat(I dance on 'Beyond here lies
nothing') but I will not make the stage run. 
So far I never managed to reach the stage. The good days are over! 
Bob salutes the balcony Fans standing behind his back. 
He moves to center stage for the final salute. 
The audiance had been polite and respectful ... a little bit too much? 

Bye, bye Bobby. See you next in London!  


Review by Bernhard Roth

Two years after I saw Dylan the last time in Bamberg I took two days off
from work and traveled to Frankfurt with the Dylan show as the main 
incentive, of course.  In the afternoon before the show I visited a 
museum with an exhibition ofRene Magritte paintings. I was not too 
familiar with this painter, but the more picture I saw the more parallelism 
to Dylan were obvious. Here are surrealistic paintings where the subjects 
on the canvas and even the title of the paintings on first glance didn't 
have any connection.  Just like Dylan's surrealistic words in his mainly 
sixties masterpieces (Desolation Row, Visions of Johanna, Sad Eyed 
Lady...).  So, from that point is was the perfect preparation for the 
evening, especially that there were very high chances he would 
performDesolation Row.

As expected, the standard set list. I'm not a big fan of the latest Sinatra 
interpretations but after all, they fit nicely into the whole show and I 
appreciate Bob doing what he wants (as always...). The voice was great, 
the band tight and perfect.   My favorite songs this evenings were 
"Love Sick", "Tangled Up In Blue", "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" and the 
above mentioned one.  The only slightly negative impression: I guess in 
order to pack 21 songs into about 105 minutes he decided to skip some 
verses at the longer songs.

Hoping to see him again next year on the European leg of the 2018

P.S. At the beginning of the year I had hoped that in this strange 
Trump era Bob may include "It's Alright, Ma" in the set list. The famous 
president line would have been a nice statement...

Bernhard Roth  


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