Antwerp, Belgium

Lotto Arena

April 24, 2017

[Martin Manuzi], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Martin Manuzi

In short, an Immense performance and most of all, exceptionally impressive
vocals. Listening to (parts of) Triplicate for a couple of days before the
show, my expectations had dropped, and in fact they were still modest
through the opening Things have changed (muddy sound perhaps, or just a
question of warming up?). But from Don’t Think Twice right (really
fantastic!) all the way through to the end, it was a consistently
powerful, controlled and expertly delivered show that hung together
extremely well.  With Why try to change me now, the vocal ambition came to
the fore - and it was a real treat on many occasions (especially when I
recall some scorched-earth shows from not so long ago). It seems that the
new vocal treatment has also brought new nuances to Tangled up in Blue and
even Love Sick (best version I have ever heard).  By now, all those that
care to follow know the brilliance of the band - but for those who might
get a bit complacent about it, please don’t - and get yourself along to a
show even if just to hear That Old Black Magic. Wow! These guys play tight
- and the vocal delivery in concert puts the Fallen Angels version very
much into the shade. Melancholy Mood, another Fallen Angels gem, grows
better and better - and seems now to have an extra degree of vocal

We were sitting a little way back and could not see all the
mini-theatricals and expressions, but it was clear enough that there is
more reluctance than ever to stand centre stage in a conventional way.
Slunking off off stage after Autumn Leaves bemused many. A voice behind
us: “C’est fini?…” No, there were the current standard two encores, of
course. And while strong and powerful (especially Thin Man), I must admit
to wishing that there might have be other selections (Oh, for a All Along
the Watchtower, Mr Tambourine Man and Every Grain of Sand…)  But then, we
are always wanting more - which leads me to hope that there will be
another occasion soon enough. En route to Antwerp I doubted that there
could be. Now, I think that there just might be. In the meantime,
Triplicate deserves some careful listening...


Comments by Laurette Maillet

H. and I have a hotel on the outside of the city. 
It makes my journey, in that part of Europe, a lot easier travelling by
car and sleeping in comfortable Hotels. 
We arrive late morning. 
We check in, relax and drive to the venue ; the Lotto Arena. 
I meet with Julien, Simon, Benjamin and we have a good laugh and a great
time just before the show. 
I easily find a ticket (thanks to Benjamin). 
The venue is huge, again an Arena and not in a nice area. 
But people can find a bite to eat and a beer to drink (and they do). 
The public is friendly. 
My Good Samaritan is French and we chat before the show. 

No change in the setlist. 
They have a technical problem at the beginning and at some point Bob
leaves the stage opening the curtain in the back, talking to someone and
he makes a sign towards the soundMan on the side of the stage. 
Charlie mentions also a problem. 
Stu is in trouble with the connection of his guitar. 
Well! that makes Bob in a bad mood (it seems). 
The show is good but not the best ever(at least for me). 
Nonetheless I had a good day. 
I say farewell to Benjamin and Julien for whom it was the last show(on
that Tour), goodbye to Simon I will see in Franckfurt. 
We drive accross the city for a good night sleep. 
Good night Bobby! 


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