Bielefeld, Germany

Seidensticker Halle

April 21, 2018

[Laurette Maillet], [Jamie McKenna]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Between Krefeld and Bieledeld there is a day off.
None of my couchsurfing hosts in each city are able to host me for more
than a night. I decide to stay in Munchen. I just take a train there and
go to Starbucks to connect with the WIFI. A friend from the past,
Johannes, contacts me and says he lives and works in Munchen. I was not
aware. We meet at a cafe next to the train station and he helps me to find
a Hostel. Next morning we travel together to Bielefeld where we meet with
other Fans. My friend Benjamin will help me to get to my Couchsurfing
host, Julia, we spend the afternoon together picnicking before reaching
the venue. Ben also needs a ticket and I invite Julia to take a chance.
She will join us later on bycicle. Bielefeld is also an Arena. Capacity
might be 5000. But I learned that capacity alone is not a criteria for a
cheap ticket. We arrive with Ben just after the soundcheck and we say hi
to members of the Band walking around. No Bob to be seen! Early Ben and I
start looking for tickets. The scalpers are not helping. I manage to beat
them and get 2 tickets for Ben and I, then Julia arrives and I recommend
her to stay a little longer and try to get one of thoses tickets some
people are still selling outside. She'll get one for 20€. Not bad. So we
are all 3 IN. A lot better than Krefeld. We decide not to seat but stand
up by the right side of the stage on the balcony. We have a great time.
"Things have changed" is not the best as the sound needs to be asjusted.
But then Bobby's voice is clear and loud. Charlie has some kind of problem
when I see him coming to Bob and talking in his ear. Tony also is coming
to the piano. Sound problem? Guitar problem? The public is quiet but not
Ben and I. We sing and dance along on the top of the world! We can see
Bobby's hands on the piano. He is wild on "Highway 61". The songs center
stage are still bodily static. I have the feeling (my feeling) that he is
again "holding" on the 2 mikes. No legs movement at all. But his voice is
strong. "Desolation row" is the must. I feel like in Paradise. The public,
finally,  reacts. Bob makes a slight mistake on "Love sick". 'Sometimes
silence is like thunder' Will be 'Sometimes I wonder' But who noticed?
"Thunder" is rocking and rolling high. Even "trying to get to heaven " is
powerful. It is already "long and wasted years" ... time is flying like a
jetset. More Fans are packing around me. I move closer to the stage as Ben
goes down the floor for a stage rush. There will be none. Security is
tight and the audiance is disciplined! I see Bob from his back for the
encore. He looks fine, his fingers moving on the keys of the piano. But at
times he will rest his left or right hand on the top of the piano, playing
with only one hand. The bow is quick and off he walks. Great show. "Cold"
public. But Ben and I , we had a WONDERFUL time. So Thanks Bobby, the
Band, the crew people. See you all in Nurnberg! Night, night Bobby!


Review by Jamie McKenna

First saw Bob in 1984 in the Walbuhne in Berlin. A birthday treat said my
dad but it definitely wasn’t because there was a spare ticket for a 10
year old as someone was ill. Baez and Santana were on that night with His
Bobness. I’ve now been to too many to remember all with my other hero.
My Dad. Now living in Paderborn it was great to find out Bob was playing
so near by. Phone call to Dad in England asking him if he wanted to come
over for the concert got the reply I expected. I’d already booked the
tickets before calling him. He arrived in Düsseldorf on Friday and got
the train to us where we partied the day away in the sunshine. Got a lift
to Bielefeld on Saturday morning and continued to enjoy beer and sunshine
throughout the day. We walked to the venue from town and had a few more
beers outside a Greek Imbiss meeting some lovely German fellas while
listening to Bob on my phone. Walked into the venue and got more beer and
then found our seats. Disappointed by the amount we paid for the view we
had. More disappointed by the fact they stopped selling beer once Bob came
on. Tangled up in Blue is one of the greatest songs ever. The version was
terrible. Loved Desolation Row. Can’t be doing with Frank Banana songs.
I’m sorry to say but the concert was pretty average. Afterwards walked
to the nearest bar and found ourselves in the company of two other English
fellows Jim and to cut a long story short Rich. The boys are Bob Dylan
nuts too and they weren’t impressed by the show. 70 year old dad was
amazed by their young knowledge of His Bobness. We had a great craic
together and stumbled back to the hotel at silly o’clock via some dodgy
pub. Back to Paderborn via the train and a pub on the Sunday morning with
my other hero who flew home on the Monday. Great weekend, meeting lovely
people. However Bob wasn’t at his greatest 


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