Augsburg, Germany


April 20, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Augsburg 20th of April.That was a show I was supposed to skip due to the
logistic.Because I found 3 CouchSurfing hosts I told myself that should be
a friendly city. I made an arrangement with Mathilda and I booked a train
to Augsburg and another train from Augsburg to Zurich. Then I will meet J.
at the Zurich train station to finally book a train to Locarno. Reaching
Augsburg at noon, Mathilda is waiting for me at the train station. It is
lucky for she lives far away outside the city center.She prepares a vegan
meal and we try to communicate but her English is limited. We also use
French.By 6 pm we drive to the venue. Far away on the other side of the
city.Mathilda is not a Dylan fan but because she drove me I have the duty
to find her a ticket. 2 friendly tickets in one night....it could be
impossible for some. I have been in that situation before and it always
worked so....This is not Austria but Germany. The chances are better.For
me it works pretty fast. A BD Follower I know hand
 s me a ticket.Thank you so much my friend!Mathilda is not cooperative.
She doesn't know the tricks.By some miracle a nice Lady hands me another
ticket.Both are parkett/floor.We walk inside immediately.The venue is
reasonable size of 4000. My seat is row 19 and by chance (again) no one
will take the seat next to me, on the aisle. I am right next to the sound
board.The view on the stage is not the best but the sound is perfect.Bob
has a light color jacket tonight.A tie/carf around his neck.There will be
no surprise. It is the same show as Innsbruck.- Some echoes on "love
sick". - George will disappear totally on "don't think twice"- Bob and the
Band stay on stage, in the dark,  just before the encore.- There will be
a bow before they all leave the stage.But because I can dance on my chair,
I feel that the show tonight is a lot better.Unfortunately no karaoke
tonight due to my voice extension(the cold getting to my throat and
lungs).There is not so much reaction from the public, just 
 a sustainable applause on " thunder", thanks to George.Tonight I liked
"when I paint my masterpiece""Love sick""Soon after midnight""Pay in
blood"The fabulous "Thunder...." By George.And the final "it takes a lot
to laugh..."All other songs were well done.I was focusing on George and
Charlie and Donnie on banjo on "Scarlett town".Bob was just a silhouette
behind the piano.The show is over too soon.I say thanks to Jason at the
sound board and Chris at the lights board.They do a good job.The flow
moves out.Matilda is already waiting for me.She doesn't make any comment.
I am not sure she appreciated. It could be the case from people who don't
understand English and Bob Dylan.She drives me through center town to have
a look at the beautiful architecture.I take a warm shower expecting my
cold to go away for good.I don't regret the Augsburg detour. I had a nice
day and evening.Thank you BobbyThank you the Band.Thank you the
techs.Thank you the 2 Good Samaritans tonight.See you next in Locarno.


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