Innsbruck, Austria


April 19, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

Innsbruck 19th of April.Few words about MY experience and feelings on the
Vienna shows.First of all I didn’t  manage to go inside the venue both
nights.The venue was small (1800) and tickets prices were high. The
cheapest being 170€.People at the venue were not the most friendly.I saw
the videos of the « drama ». I was just afraid of the stumble , it could
have been a real drama.Anything else is a question of prespective.Photos ,
no photos ?Photos could be ok if they don’t  disturb neither the
performers, neither the public. But how will you manage to discipline a
crowd of few thousands. Counting on the good attitude of the fans is a
nonsense. Already it is distracting when people don’t  take their seats
on time or when they move for a beer at the bar ( in the middle of a song)
when they chat incessantly. .. so, controling the cellohones ?Better «
punish » all for few. Is not it the rules everywhere ? Speed limits,
pedestrians crossings, non smoking areas…. The rules
are made for the wise men and the fools !I cry a while then move on to
the next step…Innsbruck.I reach Innsbruck by Flixbus in the evening. I
struggle to walk 1 hour to my CShost. It takes me a long while because in
Vienna, on top of all, I caught a bad cold. My head is like a pumpkin.
Ramona is waiting for me at her house door. She makes a cup of hot
tea and we chat about Australia she had been visiting recently.By 9pm we
go to bed, hopping for my cold to go away !Next morning.Ramona has to go
to work at 7am.I am all by myself in the house with the cat Lula.I go buy
food at the supermarket,  make myself a nice breakfast and decide to go
out for a walk. The weather is so fine. I don’t  want to miss a nice
day out.Innsbruck is surrounded  by high mountains, pics covered with
snow. It is breathtaking just to look out. My sunglasses are finally
usufull.By 6 pm I move to the venue.I’ve  been here before. It is a
sport arena. Not the best for the sound but large enough to give 
 me the opportunity for a cheap ticket.Some Bobcats are here, mainly the
German crew. Some say hello and good luck , some…. Nothing.They ignore
me…so do I. I decide to put some 30€ in a ticket. People here
don’t  understand what « friendly » means. They want to sell.
Alright, I don’t  feel like having another deceptive night. Austria is
definitively not a « social » country.My seat is on the balcony, right
side of the stage. I see the piano board very well.I am not sure if it is
on time or later but the lights go off and they enter the stage.Bob is all
in black.It is tonight the first night of Passover but ..Mr Dylan is
working.The sound from where I am is not the best. I just relax, happy to
be in.Globaly the show is average. I would say even boring at times.« cry
a while » is powerful.  So will be «  love sick » with some echo
added, here and there. I remember he used to have that echo on « ballad».
The public is quiet,  not even reacting on «  like a rol ling stone ».
The couple next to me is chatting incessantly and they will
leave long time before the end.Bob seems to have a problem with his stool.
He is pushing it few times back. I am now afraid that he will fall on his
ass ! No fun.George is the best tonight. I love George. He will totally
disappear on « don’t think twice », not even beating up at the
end.Right after « you’ve got to serve somebody «  the lights are off
but I see all of them staying on stage.The Band and Bob are chatting,
right on stage.I wonder if there will be a change or an additional
song…but no,  they start quickly with « blowing in the wind «  and
the final « it takes a lot…. ». The bow is back. So I was correct
thinking it was only a trick in Prague and Paris due to the arrangements 
of the security after the show.Does Bob go now for a Seder dinner
somewhere in a Synagogue ?Nothing is certain but he was in a hurry to
finish that show.I am satisfied though not over excited.I had a nice 
 day and a pleasant evening.I walk the 40 minutes back to Ramona’s
house.Going to bed early as tomorrow will be catching a train to Augsburg.
Thank you the good people.Thank you Bobby and the Band.See you all


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