Krefeld, Germany


April 19, 2018

[Joop Bekkema], [Harald Bastian], [Wolf Hoffmann], [MichaŽl Moors]

Review by Joop Bekkema

At exactly 20.00 Stu Kimball started his acoustical exercises and the band
Joined the stage shortly thereafter. Two warnings both in German and in
English at 19.30 and 19.55 for the public NOT to use phones, iPads or
whatever. If catched they would be escorted out of the venue. During the
concert gestapo like broadshouldered persons were constantly on the
lookout. " It's unbelievable"  Dylan said years  ago. Well mr. Dylan THIS
is unbelievable. Shame on you and your management. The concert: glad I
went. Although I really hate the Sinatra songs, and I miss the solo's from
guitarists in his bands (Koella!!) and although I miss his guitar playing
and above all his harmonica playing and although I hate his simple erratic
piano playing, this is DYLAN. In 2003 Dylan performed three times in
Amsterdam with three different setlists. Those were the days. He now has
only one setlist. After various remakes Things have changed deteriorated
to what it is today: very very average. Furthermore he screwed up Trying
to get to heaven, while Tangled up in blue is beyond recognition. A real
disgrace for such a magnificent song But Highway 61 was very strong, Early
Roman King was above standard and Thunder on the Mountain  was
unbelievable. Never did I hear a better live song performed by any Dylan
band. Glad I went, also because Honest with me was on the playlist and
Desolation Row in which  Dylan lowered his voice for reasons unclear to
me. His voice was very good throughout the nite, so no need to whisper.
Next time If he shows up in my neighbourhood I will go again. My only
wish: sing your OWN songs Bobby.

Joop Bekkema


Comments by Harald Bastian

First: I've not seen that show in Krefeld, I saw Dylan in Neu-Ulm and Rome
two weeks ago and was happy, that there were rather little photographs and
flashlights. Not only Marlene Dietrich was photographed "to death". For a
long time Dylans management used to beg  people not to photograph, but
especially in Dylan-shows it seems you'll find a lot of people with closed
ears! How can I compare stewards with the Gestapo? People acting like
that, try to show how critical they are, but in fact they do not know,
what the Gestapo was! Shame on you, Joop Bekkama, because such reductions
humiliate the victims of the Gestapo, show a great lack of information and
debunk you as a  prater. By the way: I  can not understand, why Bob Dylan
acts the way he wants to, instead of asking Joop Bekkama, our
"fascist-fighter", what he should do and which songs he has to play and
which musicians he has to work with and how they have to play? Sounds like
a "Stalinist culture program guide". "Sometimes Satan comes as a man of
peace". Did anybody at any time ever, know, what Bob Dylan is goin' to do?
I love him for that - but not always - of course. That is freedom!

Harald Bastian


Review by Wolf Hoffmann

Thank you for your comment, Harald Bastians! You are absolutly right!! To
compare the stewards with the "gestapo" is stupid and absolutley

The Krefeld-Concert was the first Dylan-concert scince 2012 and I am a
little bit sad that Bobby seems to be no longer able to play harmonica. I
think it was a very solid performance with a briiliant opening with the
first four songs. The audiance generally seems to have totally changed†
during the last years. They did not applaud after they recognized
classic-Dylan-songs like "Simple Twist Of Fade" or "Desolation Row" but at
the beginning of the the three classics "Melancholy Mood", "Come Rain Or
Come Shine" and "Autuum Leaves". So my wife and me name it "the

Anyway, I hope for many concerts in future!
Wolf Hoffmann


Review by MichaŽl Moors

Another tour, another great show. Dylan is in good voice and the band is 
fabulous, as ever. And his hair too is in good shape.

Even after so many years Things Have Changed remains a perfect opener. 
No surprises regarding the chosen songs, we got used to that. Dylan sings 
from behind the piano, where he alternates sitting with standing. There is 
no harmonica, but that's alright. A guitar is in back of the piano, just in case, 
but it remains untouched throughout the show.

Though performed over and over the last few years, most of the songs 
sound fresh, they really are living art. The American Standards get the usual 
extra care and are performed center stage, which of course, is welcomed 
by the fans. 

Through the years Bob has taken his songs virtually everywhere. This time 
he takes some of them into yet another direction, reducing their melody in 
a challenging way, even beyond recognition in the case of Tangled Up In 
Blue. This new version of the all time classic doesn't really meet my own 
taste, but hat doesn't matter. Leonard Cohen said about attending a Dylan 
show that 'It doesn't have to be the songs. All it has to be is: remember 
that song and what it did to you'. And he's right!It's like meeting someone 
who is dear to you: it doesn't have to be memorable each time you meet. 
It is appreciated within the personal, unique history you have with that person.

A fierce rendition of Thunder On The Mountain is the show's highlight for me. 
The whole band is incredibly tight on this one, the song like a stone, rolling 
down a mountain and picking up speed which each meter. I have never been 
really  fond of the melody of this song. But that's part of the magic of going 
to a Dylan show:one sweet day he makes you love what you never thought 
you'd like.

Don't you dare miss it, no, don't you dare!

MichaŽl Moors


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