Ravenna, Italy
Palazzo Mauro de André
April 19, 2002

[Antonio Terni]

Review by Antonio Terni

Going into the venue was simply a nightmare. There were six doors and of
course six rows of people queueing in front of them. The smart guys of
security (?) decided to open just the door at the extreme right so we had
two flows of people pushing: one from backwards and the other from left 
trying to reach a tiny door with all the possible turbulence that such a
situation can create. If thet really wanted somebody to be harmed that was
absolutely the best idea. Stupid, stupid, stupid STUPID security and
carabinieri and polizia people. It's a long time that I have learned to
apreciate Bob's habit of changing his songs, but I think that his
falsettos are the worst thing he can do to them, and if he keeps doing
falsettos all along the show, well I can really get annoyed and nothing
annoys me more than getting annoyed at a Bob Dylan's show. The only good
song was Subterranean Homesick Blues, all the remainig was devastated and
flattened by falsettos with the only exception of It's all right Ma. After
the show we all went to a pizzeria, and while waiting for a table there
was a group of bobcats outside trying to remember a show worse than this
one. Somebody suggested Munchen 85,  I could only reply with La Spezia
last year but in that occasion Bob was clearly nervous and angry, while
this time he seemed quite relaxed, at least from TUIB onwards. At the end
of the show he even bended on one knee and sent a couple of kisses to the
crowd. Let's hope for better occasions. 

Antonio Terni 


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