Düsseldorf, Germany

Mitsubishi Electric Halle

April 13, 2017

[Martin Burger], [Claudio Manara]

Review by Martin Burger

Song and dance man

'Inside the Mitsubishi Electric Hall (MEH)/ Infinity goes up on trial' -
Hello, all you smartphone users and Dylan Fans out there. Because boblinks
has always been a source of inspiration to me and especially was a
pleasure at times when I studied Dylans work like noone elses (back then
my english was better - I apologize for that right at the beginning), I
would like to share my thoughts and perceptions of last nights show in

My friend Ralf and me arrived at the hall around 5 pm. It is Ralfs first
Dylanconcert and we are both excited. We have seats at the right side of
the stage, in the back of the hall, looking at Bob Dylans white hat and
back playing the piano. The concert is visited by good listeners, the
atmosphere is attentative. Security is very sharp about not taking
pictures or any form of recordings. No empty seats at the MEH. Since
everybody can study the setlist it seems appropriate to give an overwiew
of individual impressions.

Dylan is still growing to become a song and dance man. The Nobel 
laureate balances his own words and music out with standards from fellow
songwriters. Highlight of the evening - goose bumps included -:/Autumn
leaves/. My old bobfriend Michael had pleaded me to pay attention to the
last song, because there would be the quintessence. From this point of
view it has been a very wonderful evening. Sometimes at the beginning of
the concert it seemed as if the standards (/Why try to change me now?,
Melancholy Mood) /would dimmer the energy of the performance. It was
obvious that Dylan as a crooner has to fight against expectations of the
crowd, supported by his excellent band. /Pay in blood/ in between the two
standards was somewhat hard to follow (the lyrics not being familiar to
me). With /Duquesne Whistle/ the concert gained energy again, becoming a
very unique and highly energetic evening of words and music. *Love Sick
*is definitely the highlight of the night. In this performance everything
from Dylan and his band 2017 touches each other: melancholy lyrics,
rocking music, a sharp statement about loneliness and time, lost love and
yearning. Not to bore you with more details, I recommend: go, see him and
his band again.

Martin Burger
Wuppertal, Germany


Review by Claudio Manara

This time I planned my easter holidays around this concert ticket. The
occasion to see Bob performing in Düsseldorf was quite good to match with
a bike tour along the Rhein river cycle path. I enjoyed the concert
setlist very much. It seems similar to the last year tour but it isn't.
The current set is a well mix of old and new. About ten classical dylan
pieces are intervalled by the recent songs. The general effect is huge and
the show act is maximized in terms of connection. Every word and musical
sound are linked in a perfect tell, so that all the show seems a theatre
play. Dylan voice was suffering at the beginning to reach out maybe mostly
for the uncorrect mixing (things have changed was not so clear). But soon
the machine was set right. The master points of the show, in my likes,
are: tangled up in blue in a powerful version where the guitars are in
perfect shape Pay in blood a song with a beat that can rarely fail Early
roman kings with a blues that can compete with hiway61 Melancholy mood in
this song bob is improving in singing melodically and the darkness of the
mood is growing higher and higher Duquesne whistle another exercise that
proves that this band is playing the quintessence of american popular
music All or nothing at all great voice and superlative band Long and
wasted years my favourite looking back in anger song was sung with full
heart Desolation row was poetically sung with a such a smooth voice That
old black magic the highest point of bob's performance - masterpiece!
Autumn leaves this is a cameo a short verse for a big melody 


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