Neu-Ulm, Germany

Ratiopharm Arena

April 12, 2018

[Achim Hanreich], [Bernhard Roth]

Review by Achim Hanreich

Here is  a short review of the show in Neu-Ulm.  I saw Bob last year in
the very large Festhalle in Frankfurt.  I enjoyed it a lot. Now it was
even better. This time it was a medium-sized  (3.800  people) and modern
arena. We had seats on the stands  left of the stage with a great view. 
Sound was not perfect, but ok.

I liked the show a lot. Although you could see by his movements that he
really got old Dylan was in great form, his voice really, really good.
Since 2002 I have not hear him singing better. The reduction of the number
of “Sinatra”-numbers was a a good decision.  Now it is three and they
give the set some kind of structure and variety. Especially “Once Upon A
Time” sounded great, Dylan really putting a lot of emotion into his

Highlights for me was  “Simple Twist Of Fate” and nearly all the newly
arranged songs.  Especially “Tangled Up in Blue” is great, this
stripped-down  version reminds me in some kind of way of 1987. Another
highlight was the rocking “Thunder On the Mountain”, giving George
Recile even the chance of a short drum solo! 

“Blowin´ In the Wind” as an encore was some kind of crowd-pleaser,
not more. On the other hand “Thin Man” was very intense and a great
end to this wonderful show.  The reaction of the crowd was very positive.
Not that frenetic as in Madrid but ... hey, we are in Germany …

My wishes for the future: maybe Bob should give the musicians some more
room. Especially Charlie Sexton would profit from that.  And I missed the
harmonica from Dylan and please more center-stage moments without piano.

Achim Hanreich


Review by Bernhard Roth

This year is my 40th anniversary of Dylan-Shows! That's why I had 
special hopes for my only attendance in 2018. And I wasn't disappointed.

From the setlists since the beginning of this tour leg I saw that the
chances for me to witness Desolation Row again were high. And indeed, this
was my personal highlight (seems also the audience's, pretty equal to Thin
Man), tightly followed by Love Sick and Melancholy Mood (although I'm not
a fan of the 'Sinatra' songs). I didn't immediately like the new Tangled
Up in Blue, I would not have been able to recognize that one, if it were
not for the familiar words...

The mixture of songs from the various phases of Dylan's career was much
better than last year, I guess.

The venue was, as often, an arena mainly designed for sporting events, in
this case for the local basketball team. Therefore the acoustic was not
perfect, but the technicians and musicians obviously managed to get the
best our of it.

Overall, great show! Hopefully I can see him next year again!

Bernhard Roth


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