Milan, Italy

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

April 9, 2018


Review by Alberto

I have see the Man yesterday evening at Teatro Arcimboldi.

A very good venue with great sound and view, Bob has visited already
several time.

I was there with my brother as many times before.

Bob was on fire since the beginning his voice being so strong and deep on
the bass end.

You could feel he was really enjoying singing and playing throughout the

Several tunes have been rearranged (Trying to get to haven, Tangled up in
blue) too much and honestly were better before and others have come to new
life and are gems like Don't think twice and Desolation Row.

But it is good that the man is still on fire rearranging and singing like
he probably never did.

I thought this is gonna be my last show but he is still too on fire to
miss him.

Overall a great concert with the band having a ball on stage.

Don't you dare miss it !



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