Florence, Italy

Nelson Mandela Forum

April 7, 2018

[Barnaby Nelson]

Review by Barnaby Nelson

Sports hall type venue on outskirts of Florence. Sound really not bad
considering the venue.

Enthusiastic crowd who came forward to the stage for encores. Security
needed to chill a bit Ė they were quite distracting with all their
running around constantly getting people to put their phones away.

Dylan and band were right on the money. Truly beautiful music at times

Simple Twist, Tryiní to get to heaven, Soon after midnight. Thunder
on the mountain is a lot of fun in its current incarnation. Best vocals
were saved for the American standards, with Autumn Leaves a particular
standout. If anything, I would say Dylanís singing voice sounded a tad
weaker than in shows Iíve seen in recent years Ė not weaker in quality
but in power/force. The singing remains superb though. One of the
impressive things about the band is how incredibly they gel together into
a single unit and then weave in and out of each otherís musical
prominence/emphasis. Dylan can clearly just rely on what they are doing as
a solid bedrock and then work his piano fills and melodies on top of that.

Stage lighting and backdrop were beautifully done, creating an enclosed,
seemingly glowing space that made the performance more intimate, almost
jazz-venue style.


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