Buffalo, New York

SUNY Buffalo
Alumni Arena

April 5, 2013

[Codfish], [Wilson]

Review by Codfish

first time I  have sent my options of show to boblinks but since
I saw no review I will I'm a veteren of few shows lol been there
when fredirque used to come to all shows how I don't know been there when
jack introduced him as the trAnsendent but by no means a writer and not
techie but alway enjoy Peter stone oscAr and Steiner daler so since no
report il give mine me and my wife drove up from jerseys we were right on
rail center left met very nice couple she saw bob bout forty times and her
husband very nice a lot of collage kids texting n cell non stop even with
older attendee and non stop talking but as far as show I loved it thought
bob voice sounded awsome and set list for me sick I love tempest and last
year heard couple songs this show got one faves pay in blood and early
roman was great also heard what good am I and brought tears to my eyes a
song so simple but who else could write this a lot has changed and not
sure if just first show get kinks out Charlie gone duke was good I love
any muci an bob brings in there was whole different road crew Jules
artless their but didn't see other familiar ones his guitar tec was not
there and in Philly saw him working for Neil and crazy horse it makes me
think bob not playing guitar this tour had his keyboard n baby grand there
also no incense n some young girl roadie announced no pics n you could get
them from professional photog strangest thing befor encore bob took semi
bow and band disappeared instantly when came back encore ballad thin man
no band intro few changes the diehards will have to see well me and wife
Kim heading to mass thanks bob and boys for staying out on road and give
ing it there all thanks for the couple of hours you transport us away from
work problems and life's tough times stay safe on road 



Review by Wilson

Don't walk, run to get tickets to the 2013 never ending tour.  Bob did an
amazing job in buffalo tonight.

It was a treat to see him center stage for half the show and what a great
set list, starting with things have changed and going back and forth
through a cornucopia of bob Dylan classics.

A breathtaking visions of Joanna marked the half way point in the show.
It was nice to see the band having a good time.  If this is any indication
of what the next few months will be, get tickets now.  You won't be



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