Wurzburg, Germany

s.Oliver Arena

April 2, 2019

[Laurette Maillet]

Review by Laurette Maillet

April 1. I arrived in Wurzburg on car. That was unexpected but I got a ride
from H.The weather is fine, sunny and warm. My CS host finishes work at
4pm, so we have time for the visit of the Wurzburg castle, fortress.Then a
pleasant evening cooking Spanish tortilla and a salad. We chat in German,
English, French and Spanish. Then time for a good night sleep. 

April 2nd. We decided with H., a BD follower, to visit the beautiful new/old 
city of Wurzburg,† entirely destroyed during WWII, and rebuilt brand new in 
the old style. There must be about 20 churches, cathedrals and dom. A nice 
walk around the Market place and we bump into Ö. BD fans. Joachim is
entertaining the crowd with some† great songs and we chat around a cup of
coffee or a glass of beer or wine, as it is a city of white wine! I tried
last night and I really liked it. By 4pm about 15 Bobcats gather for a
pre-show meeting. The atmosphere is gay and relaxed: some eat, some drink
and all sing along with JoJo. We comment about the Dusseldorf show. 
Not bad feelings! Everyone was happy to witness an
historic event (we donít know yet, but that will be one in the book of
record of the Never ending tour). By 6pm H. drives me to the S Oliver
Arena, a basketball arena of 3000 seats capacity. Half of the capacity of
the previous show. All for the best. The show is not Sold out but scalpers
try their chance anyway. A couple, a nice Lady and her husband, approaches
me and hands me a ticket. We exchange few words and I know right away they
are good hearted people. I have to leave my bag at the locker. Security is
strict but with no metal detector. Our seats are on the floor but behind
the sound board, so far away from the stage. The view is not the best. On
time the Stravinsky symphony is blowing out and the Band and Bob take
their positions. Bob seems to be dressed exactly the same as yesterday!
Black and White. The first song is powerful. The sound from where I seat is
perfect,† loud and clear. Bobís voice is clear. The energy is
picking up with "Highway 61". Bobby is putting all his heart in
it and I see George beating hard on the drums. Charlieís guitar is
powerful. The public is reacting with enthusiasm. Each single song is a
masterpiece as if it is the first time they play. For some of the songs ,
"Llike a Rolling Stone", it should be 2000 times but it doesnít show
tonight. The new arrangements makes it all brand new. H. remarked than the
song is complete, all the verses are sung. There was a perfect silence of
the public on "Donít Think Twice, Itís All Right". I am impressed
by Bobbyís capacity to hold the breath of 3000 fans just by his voice
and piano. The Band is extremely softly playing, and George drums are
totally silent until the final notes.I catch myself doing my Karaoke ,
even on "Make You Feel My Love". "Love Sick" will be my highlight
for tonight. "Pay In Blood" is also touching, even with Bob at the
piano. He had a long applause after "Scarlet Town", the
only song center stage. Someone made a remark to me, saying he looks
like a shepherd,†the mike being his stick! For the encore, my friend
and I move in the aisle. We are short Ladies. The security doesnít say
anything, Cool!I can jump around on "It TakesÖ". The final bow and
all is over. But what a show! What energy! Electricity in the air! Rock
and Roll will never die!Thanx to all my good friends for their help. I had
a wonderful day and evening. Thanx Bobby and the Band. Good night
See you all in Berlin.


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