Madrid, Spain

National Auditorium of Music

March 28, 2018

[So I ran], [Magdalena]

Review by So I ran

Things haven’t changed much as far as the opener goes, but boy, was
there a change-up at the 3rd night  stint (Wednesday) at the wonderful
Nacional Auditorio Musica  in Madrid.

My ever so slightly dumber brother & I decided to celebrate our 40th year
of catching bob shows together with the 3-night stand at the Auditorio.
(first show ’78 in west lakes, adelaide, cuppla hundred combined

First 2 shows, somewhat marred by technical fuk-ups with bob’s mic/no
vocals, but all was forgiven with an all-time great show on the third
night. Right from the get-go the crowd were much more into it, noticeably
more so than the insipid mobs from the previous 2 nights.

2 words.



Recognized instantly ftom the opening plunks of guitar, the locals went
nuts…bob noticed & put on a show-within-a-show. Gob-smacked, goosebumps,
electrifying. Bob was hatless again but he should have been wearing a
ringmaster’s tophat as he whipped the bobcats into a frenzy waving his
arms about, clapping time that he (and the crowd) kept up for the whole
glorious rendition. Stu, George & Tony were all into the arm clapping as
well (I suspect more so to encourage bob to keep it up especially)

Just a magic 10 minutes of glorious fun & games…Seen at least 2 dozen
versions of desolation live (& loved ‘em all) but this one was something
for the ages…

All other tunes were superb & the best of the 3 nights…even the frank
songs were special.

Terrific stuff from bob & the boys (super slick drum solo george!)… may
it never end…

So I ran


Review by Magdalena

Just had a "fab" time attending Bob's three Madrid concerts.

The Desolation Row clap-along (throughout the whole song) on 3/28 will be 
forever etched in my mind. Never saw Bob enjoying himself so much on stage. 

The videos that are out there do not really show how animated he was, 
laughing, clapping, pointing, like a giddy child.

The audiences were really attentive and appreciative.  Even with the brief 
sound problem on 3/26 and the major sound delay on 3/27, everyone was 
quite polite.

In my area (ninth row aisles), on the first two nights, I did not see anyone 
leave their seats at all during the concerts. On the last night, I had a first row
seat/audience left, so it was a perfect view of Bob. Of course, I had my eyes
glued on Him most of the time. (I do believe that we made a lot of eye 

Pay in Blood, Early Roman Kings and Highwater were very powerful, as usual. 
Full Moon and Empty Arms got a big ovation on both nights that it was 
performed. I think that it was Love Sick that had an orchestral sound I had 
not noticed prior to the 3/28 version.

Also on 3/28, between Thunder on the Mountain and Autumn Leaves, a 
girl behind me yelled out "Guapo, Guapo!" (Handsome, Handsome!)

At the venue bar on 3/26, I think I saw the singer Ed Sheeran, trying not to 
be noticed. Spain's Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, who's a baron 
and a major political bigwig, was in the audience that night and some Spanish 
celebs with which I'm not familiar.

A couple of nice surprises:

When my cab from Madrid Airport pulled up to the curb at my hotel, Tony 
Garnier was glancing into the cab. He seemed to be talking with some fan-type 
people. I don't know why I didn't say hi when I got out; we have met before.

Did briefly chat with Stu Kimball, when he stepped into the same elevator with
me later that evening. Did not ask him if Bob was staying at the same hotel, 
but did read later this week that they were all at the same place. (I had booked
my room in Dec.  when I got the tickets.)

What a great band they are !

Heading to Rome for the 4/04 concert, my first time in Italy.

Will try to get a ticket for the sold-out 4/03 show.

Then going back home to Los Angeles. Looking forward to US dates. As the
posters say, don't you dare miss it !


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