Lisbon, Portugal

Altice Arena

March 22, 2018

[Isabel Ramos], [Laurette Maillet]

Review by Isabel Ramos

Dylan’s performance was stunning, his vocals were absolutely magnific.
‘’Don’t think  twice’’ gave me goosebumps, but  ‘’Why try to
change me now’’ put me literally into tears ( this 2 were definitely
my favorites, but how great they all were!).

Every fiber in my body returns to 1999 where I’ve first seen him (Lisbon
Arena), it’s amazing to testify that after 19 years in that exact same
place he still improves in such a majestic  way, brilliant artist!


Review by Laurette Maillet

I arrived late at night on the 21th of March at the Lisboa Airport. 
It had been a long day but a short flight. As usual I got lost trying to 
reach my Couchsurfing destination. Ishay, kindly, was waiting for me. 
I drink a glass of water and go to bed right away. 

22st of March. 
It is THE day. I haven't see Bobby for few months since the last show at
the Beacon N.Y.  I had been busy translating a book concerning his trip in 
South of France in 1975. I had been busy and troubled painting the first 
verses of Desolation Row!  And God knows how this song is dense and 
complex! I get up early with a view over the sea from my window and a 
clear blue sky. The temperature is cool. After a nice breakfast with my CS 
guests, I get ready and take a long walk towards the venue. 
4 trucks and 2 buses are parked in the open parking lot. 
The surrounding is designed as a pedestrian area so I spend some time just
walking. By late afternoon, 2 black Vans and 2 black cars are pulling inside the
parking lot, alongside the buses.  In one, there is Bobby, for sure. 
I have the feeling of a `Déjà Vu.  All those people, I've known before. 
Tony and Stu stepped out a Van, then Donnie and Charlie. 
I look around searching for George who is already by the door. The Band is
here! Bobby slipped surreptitiously from the car to the door, just showing his
green hoody.  But HE is here! 

There is plenty of time until the show at 9 p.m. 
A Metro takes me to the center of Lisboa but I rapidly get tired of the
traffic and crowd.  I retreat to the venue and rest on a bench. 
Monika and I decide to get some diner before walking back to the doors
opening at 7.30 p.m. It is a large venue, an Arena. Few thousand Fans are 
already queuing. I rapidly find my Good Samaritan. The ticket is for the 
Balcony. I move as close as possible to the stage, just to have a global view. 

Right on time, Stu takes the stage, strum his little tune. 
George boom!boom! on his drum and they all appear from the back stage. 
Bobby goes straight to the piano for.....'Things have changed'. 
Song after song, he will stay at the piano.  At times standing but most of the 
time seated. For just one song, the only Sinatra cover 'Why try to change 
me now' he will move center stage! 

No surprise for me. I've heard all those songs before. 
I do my Karaoke, as usual. The first one is difficult for the Band. It sounds a
little bit like a cacophony! For one of the songs, don't remember which one, 
Tony is unhappy and signal to Charlie and Donnie. Something went wrong. 
Bobby is unmoved. He is mumbling more than singing on 'Make you feel my love',
'Blowin' in the wind' is sabotaged!  The public has some hard time to get moved, 
even on 'Thunder on the mountain'!  Nobody seems to recognize 'Tangled up 
in blue' still with the new arrangement. 

I was happy to be in Lisboa. 
I globally had a good day and a pleasant evening. 
Thanks Bobby! 
Good night and rest well. 
Tomorrow is another day. 


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