Rosario, Argentina


March 18, 2008

[Antonio Terni], [Mario Sabino], [Anahi Palatini]

Review by Antonio Terni

"Comio´ pacu´" said someone behind me when Bob was blowing his harp on
Rainy Day Women. It means "He ate pacu´" which is a fish that comes from
the Parana´, the river which flows near Rosario. In fact Bob was in such a
good mood all along the show that it seemed that he had eaten something
very very special during the day. I was sitting in the first row on the
left and I could see very well Bob's face when playing keyboards and I can
tell you he enjoyed every single moment of the show. He smiled the whole
time (even when singing John Brown which is a quite devastating song), at
least three times he left the keyboard at the end of the song making a
step toward the audience, smiling and lifting both hands while bending
knees (if you have ever seen him doing that you know what I mean..).

The highlights were This wheel's on Fire (best version I ever heard live),
the last verse of HW61 which was spitted like by a machine gun, one word
after the other with no intonation or rhythm and Rainy Day Women where at
a certain point he just sung " stoned, stoned, stoned"  "stoned, stoned
stoned" surprising not only the audience but the band as well, and then he
played the harmonica as well and, you know, when Bob plays the harmonica
the band retires a little bit into the shadow so that it's sound will not
cover Bob's, and for half a minute the resulting sound was quite similar
to the one of  Midnight Rambler by the Rolling Stones. Amazing.

A great, great show, despite the fact that people was obliged to sit in
front of the stage and nobody was allowed to stay near the rail until Like
a Rolling Stone, but there was a great enthusiasm, a lot of young kids
which knew every word of the songs and a lot of excitement for having a
living legend in Rosario.

Antonio Terni


Review by Mario Sabino

I was in the Buenos Aires show on Saturday, and i thought it was great, i
mean, i saw him two times before, and seem like a standard one, with some
sparks of his genius. I  read this rewievs to see what’s he is doin, and
most of the critics i find them positive, because we have to consider,
that its more special to us than to him, that particular moment we share.
I guess Bob is human, and he shares his humor with us, in his own way.
All of this is to say that I was in Rosario’s show and that I can say
that he was really on it too. His singing and phrasing were great, it
really seems he was focused and inspired. I thought that in every show
before but, the way he plays “don’t think twice…” was amazing, different
climates in the same song, and he pronounced every word. Seems the lady
he writes the song for was there, the same with “mostly like you go your
way….” He really sounds vengative and hurt, but mostly proud. (AND TIME

I have to say , I prefer a lot much the old bob, the actual, than when
he was younger, I know it might sound stupid this kind of affirmation,
but I find him with a knowledge and a charisma, impossible to have
unless you been on the road for four decades. In workingman blues, and
this might be because I wasn’t so nervous as in Buenos Aires, I heard a
few changes he makes in the lyrics, and a particular one I found it
heartbreaking, the line that should be “sleep is like a temporary death”
he sung,  “if I told u my hole story, you’ll weep” . Another highlight
was its all right ma, he played that with anger. Today I was reading in
the newspaper how he get in the show, and it wasn’t by jet, he do it by
land, and he changes vehicles in the middle, it probabably a logistic
thing, but anyway it reminds that for him sacrifice is still the code of
the road, I did the same trip and almost the same hour, and I was tired,
and I am 28 years old. i like to thing that the reason might be he
still wanna feel alive, the same with his songs, he is out there giving
out the best he has, his showing us things are still happening, his
defending, his and his songs soul, he don’t want them to die. The way we
originally know them(through the records), are not the way they are now,
they grown up too.

The band  was also more animated than in Buenos Aires. The show was in a
horse race stadium, and it was located near an army institution, and a
circus was in the area too, everything looks dylanesque yesterday in
Rosario, everything seems to have a meaning and more than one reason to
be. There were approximately 3000 people from all ages, and a lot of
foreigners, Brazilians and Americans. It was a a great night. 
Thank you Bob. 


Comments by Anahi Palatini

I attended the three concerts Dylan gave in Argentina.  They were all
great, but I found yesterday's concert in Rosario special because Bob
seemed to be in a particular good mood. There seemed to be a private joke
or something funny going on with the memebers of the band, particulary
with the drummer, you could see them laughing. He also smiled a lot, he
made little bows to the audience after some of his songs; his "goodbye" to
the audience was a tiny bit longer than in the previous concerts, and he
forgot to introduce his band as he usually does at the end. I was so happy
to be there!! It was great!!!! Anahi 


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