Córdoba, Argentina

Orfeo Superdomo

March 13, 2008

[Alberto Callero],

Review by Alberto Callero

It took me 11 hours by bus from Buenos Aires to go to the first concert 
of Bob in Argentina in 10 years.Cordoba is a big city in our Country but I
didn't expect a lot of people at the show because citizens are strange,
they like more Cordoba's music called cuarteto -very awful music for
me-. So I travelled a lot and after reading the local newspaper telling
that the promoter of the concert José Palazzo wanted to play golf with
Dylan with an argentinian rock musician- a very good joke- I went to a
friend's of mine home waiting for the 9 o'clock, time of the show. He told
me that a few tickets were sold and Dylan was always at the Sheraton
hotel, nobody could see him in the eyes or talk to him. When I arrived to
the Orfeo's Stadium- place for  10.000 people- I noticed a lot of people
from the States and Europe. In fact I had one free ticket and I gave it to
an italian woman who told me is going to all places Dylan plays. 

Exactly at 9 o' clock lights went off and the presentation was there 
for my ears...Bobby came to the stage, I was very near of it and
I saw one of the best shows in my life.Here i saw  Neil Young, Lou
Reed, Dylan in the two visits  in '91 and '98 with the Stones, etc but
when the first chords of Leopard skin pill box hat sounded like the best
black level whisky in the world I noticed that Bob with his 66  years old
is in a very good shape.It ain't me babe, Love sick, and Desolation row
were played only in Cordoba because in Buenos Aires and Rosario he
changed the set list a lot.The sound was very good, really he was
acompanied of an excellent band and the 5.000 people enjoyed the
music.  Never a "Argentina, the best place in the world" that it is
habitual in some stupid musicians when they have the mike on. In fact,
never nothing...only the songs. I recognized all the songs from the first
chords, people here told that versions were very different from the
originals but if you're a Bob fan you know them inmediately. Excellent
versions of Like a Rolling Stone, Honest With Me, Workingman's Blues-what
a song!-. Final became with a bluesy incredible version of Blowin' In The
Wind with the people recording all with the phone's camera-something
Bob doesn't like but didn't care- and then Dylan gone to Buenos Aires by
plane a few minutes after. I returned to My Buenos Aires Querido- a Carlos
Gardel's song-  expecting to see Dylan again at Velez Stadium and
Rosario. I considered the concerts a trilogy with the best show in Rosario
with a Dylan singing the best in years.I don't think he will return so
now I'm a little sad because i didn't want the shows finished...Thanks
Bob, here you were fire in the dark.-


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